Monday, 24 November 2008

Memo: It's not about writing!

Note to self: You occassionally have to make time for things that aren't writing.

It's recently been brought to my attention that I'm a bit obsessive about writing at the moment - to the extend that I'm not making time to do anything else.

So, this Sunday I decided to do a little bit of work on a project that hasn't seen much action for a long time. The photo is of a blackwork afghan sampler. (Blackwork is called that because it used to be stitched with black thread on a white background, more ecently people have used more colours.)

The geeky bit for anyone who likes sewing - it's a 7x9 square afghan, each design is 5 inchs by 5 inches. The afghan is 18 count, but it's stitched over two threads so the designs are nine stitches to the inch - so it grows quickly. Single thread for the design, tripple for the boarder. All done in simple running, back and holbein stitch.

Each square is a different pattern I designed and each is stictched in a differnt colour. I started it in August 2005, and I've been working on it in fits and starts, but I haven't done anything on it since October 2007.

I've got 15 squares left to stich up. It would be nice to finish it by next August - a whole four years after I started it!

It's pretty impossible to get a good photo of it. I'll have another go at some point, but this is the best I can manage at the moment. Here's a different angle, but it still doesn't really show up the designs.

And that's it.

But since I can't do a whole post without talking about writing:

The news in brief...

The Gift - it's coming out in a fortnight. I might actually get a count down wiggit for that!

Between Tooth and Paw - the big edit is done, a few finer edits left before I can print it out - hopefully the print out will happen on Wednesday.

A Model Submissive - I'm currently on 42,500 words. Haven't done any today, I'm about to go and do that now.


kavz said...

hmmmm, what is an afghan? i have nil knowledge about needlework *grins*

btw, i hassle bronwyn on her blog from time to time and i'd thought i'd do the same to you *LOL*

congrats on your work getting published in two weeks' time!

Kim Dare said...

Hi Kavz, welcome aboard :)

An afghan is just material that has the outlines of squares woven into the fabric - so it's all seperated out into little boxes you can put little designs in.

Feel free to hassel away *Grin* and thanks for the congratulations - I'm so excited, lol.