Tuesday, 26 July 2011

New Cover Art + New Release Date + A Huge Favour to Ask!

Packing Leather's release date has been brought forward. It's now coming out this Wednesday - July 27th. Click on the cover to find out more.

But before you do that, I'd really appreciate if you took a moment to pop over to give your vote to Jack. He's currently languishing in last place in this round of All Romance E-book's Summer's Hottest Hero Contest and is feeling more than a little sorry for himself, lol.

He's not going to win his heat and go through to the final, but he still has a chance to come third! Click here to vote!


Chris said...

Oh no! Poor Jack!

Lucia said...

Poor Jack, I already voted for him a few days ago, too bad I can't vote two times :P

Kim Dare said...

Thanks guys - he's done a lot better than I thought he would, just by getting to this round, so he shouldn't be complaining.

And he's just edged into third - by one vote, lol

karen said...

Hi Kim - I have already voted for Jack and good luck with the contest. Can't wait to read you Avian Shifter's 2 story - I loved Duck. The Sleeping Beaty fairytale looks like a winner too so I will be looking forward to updates on this. I wouldn't be too upset about the results of the Allromance contest though, you are not on facebook and I know Amber rally's support when the voting looks dodgy and reminds people to vote on a daily basis via that medium, it seems to be working.