Monday, 29 April 2013

Goodbye April!

Hello Everyone!

I'm really glad April is almost over. The last two months or so have been a complete sod.

Off the top of my head, in the last eight to ten weeks...

I came off three different highly addictive medications. I caught a stomach bug. I had a chest infection (my whole family had it in fact, and both my parents developed complications as a result. My father was in hospital for a week, my mother probably should have been admitted too). I've developed a spontanous allergy to my favourite perfume and now look like someone has tried to strangle me. I've had painters and carpet fitters in to work in my house. Oh, and my dog is on heat and not happy about that fact.

It's been... interesting.

I'm way behind on pretty much everything writing related. I think it's taken me most of this month to write and edit a 10k-ish free short for the Goodreads MM Romance Group event. Happily, that is finished and ready to print out and proof.

As a result Masochist's Choice - which was slated to come out with Resplendence in May will probably be delayed until at least June.

I also fell way behind with replies to e-mails, comments and damn near everything else. I think I'm back up to date with most things, so if you are waiting on a reply from me, please poke me. Apologies to anyone and anything that fell through the cracks.

But, on the positive side, April is almost over and I'm really hoping that May is going to be a much better month!

I'll be back on the first of the month to talk about two new releases due to come out in May and announce the results of two giveaways.

There's still time to enter those two giveaways here and here.

Hope everyone else's April went better than mine!


Kim Dare


Chris said...

YIKES! Glad everyone made it through April...

As someone who has to avoid 99% of things scented, I can sympathize about your perfume.

Time to get your dog spayed? Or are you playing to get her bred at some point?

Kim Dare said...

Yeah, it was touch and go for a while!

I'm narked because this is the one perfume that I liked and didn't make me sneeze. I have a whole stock pile of it, lol.

She's too small to breed from. (Just scraping 3lbs.) So she'll be visiting the vets sometime over the summer. Not expecting her to be happy about that either, lol.