Sunday, 1 June 2014

Update on WIPs

Hi Everyone,

It's been a while, so I thought I would shoot out a quick update on my various ongoing projects.

The Goodreads MM Romance Group has just started posting the stories in their Love's Landscapes event. The order the stories are going to be posted in is a closely guarded secret, but there will be a couple going up every day. You can read them first here. All the stories are free!

I'm still working on my Axel's Pup re-write. It's currently 90k+ words. I have four chapters left to re-write, then it's on to editing it. I'm not sure how long the finished story will be, which is making it difficult to work out when the release date will be.

Unfortunatly, there are some health issues which mean my progress is slower than I would like, which makes working out the release dates for everything even more complicated. All I can really say is that I'll keep you posted.

The next project in the pipeline is Fourteen Nights (Sun, Sea and Submission 6, for Resplendence Publishing.)

After that, I'm on to the Avian Shifters series. The plans have changes slightly here. The current plan is to release the new indi edition of Duck! along with a follow up that focuses on Ori and Raynard's continuing story. Then, a little while later, release the indi editon of Magpie, along with a follow up that focuses on Kane and Everet's relationship (although it seems likely that Ori and Raynard will have quite a big role in that one too.) Then, a little while later again, we'll have the third novel, which will focus on new characters. I'm guessing that the follow ups will each be about 40k, half-novel length.

And that's it really.

Remember to check out the Love's Landscapes Stories!




Emma Sea said...

Sorry to hear your health isn't the best. I'm stoked about your followup books, though. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

Kim Dare said...

Thanks Emma. I'm really excited about the follow ups. It will be great to visit with the characters again :)

Christi Az said...

Thank you for keeping us posted, and so sorry to hear about your health issues. Hope you'll feel better soon.

I can't wait for Duck since it is one of my all time favorites :) And of course the new Sun, Sea and Submission. Kinda hope that the new Avian series book will have to do with Ori's friend from the club

Again hope you'll feel better soon.
Take care ^^

Kim Dare said...

Thanks Christi :)

The third Avians novel is going to focus on Ambrose. (Everet's friend, the albatross who works on the security flock with him.)

I'm hoping there will be lots more Avians books after that one, so some of Ori's friends may well get their stories too :)


Kim Dare