Wednesday 10 February 2010

Gay Werelions and Straight Vampires - what more could a person want!

Hi everyone,

My new M/M, BDSM, Werelion book is available now from Resplendence Publishing.

Principles don’t pay tuition fees. When Ryland’s math scholarship disappears overnight, he has two choices. He can borrow money from fellow student Jason Burrows, who has very interesting ways of collecting debts. Or, he can volunteer to be thrown to the werelions.

One night spent playing the part of a willing human sacrifice will give him enough money to finish his PhD. It seems like a good deal—right up until the moment he finds himself naked, blindfolded, bound and surrounded by lions.

Just click on Ryland's cover to read an excerpt or buy the book.

And, over at Total-e-bound, my M/F, BDSM, vampire book Whispers has just been made available as a single title audio book. (It's also available as part of the Night of the Senses anthology in e-book and print, and will be releasing as a single title e-book next month.)

Charlotte is more than happy to offer her master her body, her blood and her submission. But her mind is her own, if he really is listening in on her thoughts, he has to stop – Right now!

As soon as Zachariah feeds from Charlotte’s blood, he begins to hear her thoughts whispering into his mind. A rare blood bond forms between them and Zachariah is thrilled. He’s sure the bond and his new insights into Charlotte’s mind will solve all their problems.

Charlotte was ready for her master’s bite to hurt – she was looking forward it. She thought she was ready for anything else too, but she wasn’t ready to let her master into her mind. The bond isn’t the solution to anything. The bond is the problem.

Zachariah has to solve a whole new set of problems if he’s going to prove he’s the master Charlotte’s always wanted, and Charlotte has to learn to do something she’s never done before – trust a master with her mind.

Same again - clicking on the cover will take you to an excerpt and a buy page :)

Monday 1 February 2010

Gay Since Today!

Hi everyone!

My new M/M BDSM e-book - Gay Since Today - is out... well, Today, lol.

Here's the blurb.

Ford's hidden everything about his sexuality his whole life. Tyler says he can accept everything about him. But can he?

Tyler knows he's wasting his time fantasising about Ford. The guy he's had a crush on for months might make a wonderful dominant, but a straight dominant never did a gay submissive any good. It's time he stopped wasting his history lectures wondering what his life would be like if he belonged to James Ford.

Ford's had enough. A man can only stay in the closet for so long. It's time he came out and made his peace with who he really is. And if he can get a date with the cute guy from his history lecture, so much the better.

If you'd like to know more - just click on the pic :)