Thursday 27 August 2009

My Writing Space

Hi everyone,

I'm over on Hitting the Hotspot today, with a photo blog of my writing space. Come over and take a peak if you get the chance - just click on the photo below to take a better look :)

Tuesday 25 August 2009

Vampires and Slaves and Brats - oh my!

Hi everyone,

I just found out that my vampire short, Blood Slave, is going to be part of Total-e-bound's Voracious Vamps collection. It's going to be released 26th October.

I'll admit that I do have a bit of a soft spot for one of the characters - Keats. I don't think the dominants in books (or in real life!) should get everything their own way, and I don't see why vampires should either. Keats agrees, lol. He was huge fun to write.

Not sure which other stories are in yet, but mine's M/M and BDSM. (Shocking change of direction for me, I know...!)

Here's the blurb :)

From a kinky brat to a vampire’s perfect blood slave. Keats’s education starts tonight!

Keats may have reluctantly agreed to admit that vampires are fantasy and not reality. And he may have promised his friend that he would stop searching for them. But people who merely think they are vampires are still fair game for a fun night out.

Leland has been resisting the temptation to bite his friend for months, but when he sees Keats wander calmly into the middle of a Halloween feeding frenzy, he no longer has a choice. He has to claim Keats as a private blood slave before he ends up becoming the community property of his clan.

Everything rests on his ability to convince his clan he can bring the bratty submissive to heel. It’s going to be very long night…

Monday 24 August 2009

Imperial Topaz - Available Now!

Hi everyone,

My new novella, Imperial Topaz, is out today with Total-e-bound. It’s the second book in the collection, but it also stands alone.

Here’s the blurb:

Garrett knows there’s only one man who can guide a natural submissive like Lucy into a world of kinky clubs and kinky sex, and that man is not Shane.

Lucy doesn't have first date sex. That's why Shane is the perfect companion for her first venture onto the BDSM scene. He's a truly objectionable man, who she would never have sex with. Shane's a safe bet. But, if she went to a kinky club with someone like Garrett, all bets would be off. He's the dominant man of all her fantasies. Lucy knows she’d have to be stupid to go to somewhere like the Labyrinth with him. With Garrett anything could happen.

Garrett's watched Lucy for weeks, waiting for the perfect opportunity to show the natural submissive just how much fun submission can be. He knows Shane - and he knows how he treats women. When he overhears her accept a date from Shane, Garrett has no choice but to step in.

There is only one man Lucy’s going to the Labyrinth with and it's not Shane.

And here’s a quick excerpt:

By closing time, Lucy was very ready to go home. As she nudged lingering customers out, Garrett remained at his table engrossed in his laptop. Standing by the shop door, she looked across at him and wondered if she should ask him to leave right then, or if she should just enjoy looking at him for a little while first

Garrett glanced up. Lucy quickly turned her face away and pretended she hadn’t been staring at him.

“I’m half-way through a download and I don’t want to lose the connection. Do you mind if I stay here while you close up?”

Lucy turned her back on him to hide another sudden urge to blush. She flipped over the closed sign. “No problem.”

The shop was unnaturally quiet after the noise and bustle in there all day. Lucy closed her eyes and tried to focus on reality, but it was impossible to do that when one of her favourite fantasies started with exactly the same scenario. She closed her eyes, half way through wiping down the counter top.

An early closing. A silent room. The assumption no-one else was there. A noise behind her. A shocked gasp. Strong hands spinning her around. The hard edge of the counter against her spine. Her back arching painfully as he pinned her down. Her heart racing. Her breaths coming in pants.

“Submit.” Always just that one word. Always followed by one answering nod from her.

Garrett’s tie wrapped securely around her wrists. Her sensible waitress’s uniform torn away, ripped at the seams and flung into every corner of the room. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he thrust into her. Adrenaline pounding through her veins. And through it all, the complete security of knowing there were no decisions left to make. She was his and—

Garrett’s chair squeaked on the tiles.

Lucy spun around.

“Just stretching my legs. I’ve been tied to this contraption all day,” he said, waving a hand toward his laptop.

Lucy sighed and cursed herself for an idiot while he strolled around the room.

“Bad day?” he asked.

“Some bad days spread around the room quickly,” she admitted. Shane’s temper hadn’t improved after the phone call.

“You noticed Shane throw his rattle out of his pram?” Garrett asked in mock surprise.

Lucy smiled. “He has to work Saturday night.”

“That’s your fault?” Garrett leaned against the wall nearby watching her wipe down a table. He didn’t crowd her the way a lot of the men who came into the coffee shop did, but she really wished he would.

She wondered if his body was as strong and muscular as it looked hidden behind office clothes. She wondered what his hands would really feel like if he wrapped them around her wrists and refused to let her go. She wondered what he would say if he knew she thought about him every time she masturbated.

Lucy cleared her throat. “Shane was just venting. We had plans for Saturday night so I was a convenient target.” She moved automatically to the next table.

Garrett strolled along beside her. “You’re dating Shane?”

Lucy quickly shook her head. “We were just going to go somewhere as friends.”

“Anywhere special?”

Lucy blushed. Talking about a kinky party with Shane was easy. Talking about it with her walking, talking fantasy was a different matter. She tried to think of something to say, but ended up staring at the table in silence.

“This Saturday?” Garrett appeared to work out a mental calendar. “The Labyrinth is this Saturday.”

“You know about that?” Lucy blurted out.

“Yes, I’ve got tickets.” He took two out of his shirt pocket. “But it’s not somewhere a man takes a woman he only wants to be friends with.”

“Shane said it would just be fun—nothing serious.”

“It’s a lot of fun. But not with a man you can’t trust, Lucy. Not with Shane.”

Thanks for reading.

If you want to know more, Imperial Topaz is available here.

Kim Dare.
Kink, love and a happy ending. Do you Dare?

Wednesday 19 August 2009

Win a Free e-book!

Hi everyone,

I'm over on the Rainbow Review blog today.

Please, drop by for a chance to win your choice of e-book from my back list.

Take care,

Kim Dare.

Monday 17 August 2009

Do you have trouble saying no to very hot men?

Hi everyone,

Total-e-bound’s M/M anthology – Friction - is out today.

It contains Cruising by J.P. Bowie, Maximum Exposure by Jenna Byrnes & Jude Mason, Yes! by Kim Dare, Sorry Charlie by Ashley Ladd, Heat of the Night by SL Majors, and One Night Stand by Cassandra Gold

Here’s the blurb for my contribution - Yes!

Can Andrew really spend twelve hours saying no to everything Stephen offers him? It’s not going to be easy, when all he wants to say is - Yes!

Andrew likes sex. If someone he’s attracted to wants to have sex with him, he’s not going to say no to them. That’s not a character flaw, it’s just common sense.

Stephen seems to think otherwise. He’s sure Andrew is incapable of saying no to a cheap thrill. But, at the same time, he’s more than happy to provide Andrew with the prefect opportunity to prove him wrong.

Andrew has no doubt that he can say no to everything the younger man offers him for the next twelve hours, and that’s all he needs to do to win their bet. He’s also quite looking forward to cutting the would-be dominant down to size in the process. Because, while he may be easy when it comes to vanilla encounters, Andrew has high standards when it comes to dominants.

There’s no way an inexperienced nineteen year old is going to receive his submission. Andrew will obviously find it easy to say no to that. Won’t he…?

And a quick excerpt:

“Are you calling me a slut?”

“I’m merely making an observation,” Kevin’s friend corrected. “You seem to have trouble saying no to men.” He swallowed a mouthful of his coffee and set the mug down on the low table between them.

Andrew Holt raised an eyebrow. He took a sip from his own steaming mug and carefully considered the young man sitting opposite him. He was certainly the type of man Andrew would enjoy saying yes to.

If he hadn’t turned up on Kevin’s arm, Andrew was quite sure he would have said yes, along with far more interesting things, to him weeks ago. However, while Andrew might not be willing to admit to having many morals, he did have standards. Poaching his friend’s lover was beneath them.

A bit of harmless flirtation on a quiet Saturday morning was quite a different thing, he reassured himself. There weren’t any other attractive men in the coffee shop—Kevin would understand how easy it was to get bored in that situation.

“No.” Andrew smiled across the coffee table. “I appear to be quite capable of saying the word to you.”

Kevin’s friend met his eyes and held his gaze for several long seconds. “I’ve never asked you anything that would tempt you to say yes to me.” As serious as he was obviously trying to appear, a hint of a smile continued to play around his lips.

Andrew sighed. For all his faults, knew when the ice was getting thin. It appeared Kevin’s new guy really was Andrew’s favourite type—cheeky, cute and ready to play. If he wasn’t very much mistaken, there was also something about Kevin’s friend that hinted he had the potential to be a very interesting dominant in a few years’ time.

Andrew set his coffee mug and his inclination to give in to temptation aside. “He may be a submissive, but Kevin would still have your balls on a platter if he found out you were screwing around behind his back. Mine too, if I was the one stupid enough to help you cheat on him.”

The guy’s gaze didn’t falter. “Kevin has no interest in any part of my anatomy—on a platter or otherwise. And I don’t think you’re his type, are you?”

Andrew brushed the issue of his own relationship with Kevin aside. Perhaps two submissives could find a way to have some fun with each other, but he’d never been particularly interested in finding out what sort of fun that was. But if Stephen wasn’t involved with Kevin…that really could make things interesting.

“Kevin’s aware that he has no interest in you?” Andrew studied the other man’s responses very carefully. His friend had certainly seemed taken with the guy last time he saw him.

There was no hesitation, no guilt. The guy nodded. “That’s right.”

Andrew nodded, filing that little snippet away in a file marked—yippee! “What was your name again?”

Thanks for reading. You can find out more about all the stories in Friction here.

Kim Dare.
Kink, love and a happy ending. Do you Dare?

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Sugar and Spice

I've been lucky enough to get some great reviews recently, with some very nice comments. I finally got a review page up and running on my website with all the reviews for all the books.

And here are the highlights for the July releases:

Carole from Rainbow Reviews gave Time To Do four and a half out of five stars and said:

"Kim Dare does a superb job of developing these two characters... A few very light BDSM elements in the book add a delicious hint of spice to this story... I loved it. Time To Do is securely on my keeper shelf, and I can't wait to see what this author writes next!"

Read the full review

Carole from Rainbow Reviews also gave In the Heat of the Moment four and a half stars and said:

"Kim Dare really has a flair for m/m D/s romance. I have yet to read one of her books that I didn't love, and this one is no exception... This is a lovely, well-written story of power exchange between two attractive men, and I definitely recommend it."
Read the full review

Regina from Coffee Time Romance gave In the Heat of the Moment five out of five coffee cups and said:

"This has to be one of the best BDSM love stories I have had the pleasure of reading... Ms. Dare does a fantastic job of accurately explaining how it is for a Submissive in a relationship with a Dom. I have read a lot of stories in this genre, and this is by far one of the most accurate as far as how things actually should go down. Then of course there is the sex which is positively scorching, with lots of emotion mixed in which for me can be a deal breaker if it is not there... Quite simply, this story is wonderful and I highly recommend it!"

Read the full review

April from Fallen Angel Reviews gave In the Heat of the Moment five out of five fallen angels and said:

"Okay, I don’t normally like BDSM stories, but Kim Dare has a way of writing that is completely appealing, BDSM and all! Probably because she makes every character and plot line seem so down to earth and realistic... Characters like Shawn and Brett is exactly why Kim Dare is one of my favorite authors."

Read the full review

And that's it for me at the moment. Still editing my werewolves and writing the other shifter series. Nothing too interesting to say, lol.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Friday 7 August 2009

Life Without Chocolate

There's a reason I haven't been blogging lately. It doesn't make the least bit of sense, but since that has never stopped me before, I'll share it with you anyway.

The first six months of this year weren't good for me health wise. 2009 didn't start on a high note and every day seemed to be a little bit worse after that. Painkillers got stronger and stronger and had less and less effect until the next one up was morphine.

I've had ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) for years, but this was the worse I'd been in quite a long time. My energy levels got lower and lower until the only way I could get anything done at all was to put myself into a sugar high and try to get something done before I crashed back down.

My chosen method for getting that sugar high was chocolate - it's what I've always used when I'm going through a bad patch. The more ill I felt, the more chocolate I ate.

Guess what I didn't know until a few weeks ago? At some point in the last year or so I've apparently developed some sort of allergic reaction - either to cocca itself or on the the ingredients in chocolate. I effectively spent months trying to cure myself with the exact same thing that was making me feel so dead in the first place.

A month without chocolate and I feel relatively human! I never knew not eating something could make me feel so fantastic, lol.

I suppose that explains why I stopped blogging when I felt ill, but why didn't I start back up the moment I felt well enough? Well, the stupid thing is, I gave up my places on two blogs just before I tried giving up chocolate.

The small sane part of my mind knows it was giving up choc that made me feel better. But there some stupid bit that's convinced that if I don't blog, I'll continue to feel healthy. I told you it didn't make sense. Coincidences can be dangerous things, lol.

Anyway, I'm going to try to get over myself and get back into it now.

So, what have I been up to while I've been so quiet?

Two free short stories up on the TEB site - see post below for details and links on them.

I had a flurry of nice reviews - they'll hopefully be going up on a new review page on my website this weekend.

Bi Now, Gay Later - Book 5 in the Perfect Timing Collection was accepted by my editor. That's due for release April 2010.

And that brings me to my current wips:

Editing - I'm doing a few edits on Bi Now, Gay Later. Hoping to get them finished this weekend. I'm also hoping to make a start on the second book in the Pack Discipline werewolf series so that can go to my editor this month.

Writing - I'm working on the first in a new series of novellas - another shifter set of stories. It's going quite well since I gave in and let the characters change their names.

And that's it.

Take care all :)

Thursday 6 August 2009

Free M/M, BDSM Short Stories!

Hi everyone,

Two of my short stories have just been added to the TEB website as free reads. Just click on the covers and press the read button on the book page :)

Gay Porn Blurb:

Alone in the house while the other students are away for the weekend, Casey gives into temptation and borrows a DVD from Sunders’ room. But is he as alone as he thought he was, and what will Saunders think of him stealing his porn?

Alec's Reward Blurb:
Several months into his formal training as a submissive, Alec’s thrown his heart and soul into following every order Mr. Leavery gives him. He thought he was doing well, but for some reason that he doesn’t understand, today’s test of his ability and willingness to submit feels different.Mr. Leavery has made a decision. Today is different, and Alec’s about to find out just what that means.