Tuesday 16 June 2009

Cover Art and Catching up

Hi everyone,

Despite lots of good intentions, I've fallen way behind in blogging. Hopefully, now that I've stepped down from the two weekly blogs I was contributing to, this one will pick up some momentum again.

I'm actually so far behind, I have no idea what I've told you and what I haven't.

Here's something that is definitely new. The cover art for Total-e-bound's Friction Anthology came through late last night.

My story for the anthology is MM BDSM and called Yes!

Apart from that, I've been chipping away at a few different projects.

The Mark of an Alpha, my werewolf novella, is now 35k. I sent the extended version to my editor on Sunday. It seemed to take ages to extend. A few days before I sent it off I found out why the characters wouldn't cooperate. Forget silver bullets, if you want to stop a werewolf in his tracks, all you need to do is try to make him take part in a flash back. Once I cut the flash backs out of the story, they couldn't have been nicer characters to work with.

I've just started writing the second book in the Pack Discipline series, and that's going quite well. I'm only a few k into it, but I'm hoping to get the first draft done for the end of the month. This time the alphas are taking a step back and letting some of the other wolves in their pack have some fun.

Editing wise, I'm working on a vampire Lust Bite length story. I'm really enjoying writing these particular characters, they are cooperating so far. With luck, I'll be able to submit the story by the end of the month. And then it's back to working on the Perfect Timing Series, that's been saddly neglected for far too long.

And that's it really.

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