Monday 13 July 2009

Available Now - In the Heat of the Moment

Hi everyone,

My new M/M, BDSM book – In the Heat of the Moment, has just been released by Total-e-bound as part of their Summer Seductions collection.

Here’s the blurb:

Shawn’s not a submissive and he doesn’t need to be rescued from doing exactly what he wants. Now all he has to do is find a way to make Brett believe it.

Twenty-one, naturally submissive and absolutely stunning, Shawn is obviously out of his depth at a hotel catering to serious dominants. As Shawn’s boss, Brett knows it’s his duty to step in and rescue the younger man - especially since he’s been keeping his eye on Shawn for months, waiting for just the right moment to make the younger man aware of his latent submissive desires. He’s not about to let Shawn fall into the hands of another dominant.

Shawn might have a huge crush on his boss, that but doesn’t mean the guy has a right to “rescue” him from doing exactly what he wants, or to warn every interested dominant away from him. Shawn might enjoy rough sex with dominant men, but he’s no submissive, and he can look after himself. He’s not about to forget that just because Brett makes him wonder if submitting to him could be different to submitting to any other man he’s ever met.

And here’s a quick excerpt:

“I thought you’d like the look of him. Rumour has it he’ll do anything you want. Really. . . anything.”

Brett Morton stared across the crowded dance floor. His friend was very wrong. The sight of Shawn Tate practically naked and wrapped around another man was not at all to his taste. Knowledge of the rumours already running around the hotel only made it worse.

It was always the bloody same. A beautiful new submissive walked into a place like this and all hell broke loose. Two minutes later, every dominant guy in a twenty-mile radius was boasting that he already knew him and had already screwed him.

Brett left his friend standing by the bar without a word. He strode across the dance floor, straight towards a young man he’d been quietly keeping his eye on for months.

Halfway there, he saw the man dancing with Shawn yell something to a friend standing a few yards away. The second guy grinned and shimmied between dancers to press up against Shawn’s back, sandwiching the smaller man between them.

Brett jostled his way past the crowding bodies. Every damned man on the floor seemed determined to prevent him from reaching the three dancers on the opposite edge of the dance floor. He finally arrived at their side, just in time to see Shawn look over his shoulder to smile at the man behind him.

As he turned back, Shawn’s eyes flashed towards him and opened very wide.

“Brett! What are you—?” He pushed against the bare chested man in front of him, but the guy just wrapped his arms more firmly around him. His grip on Shawn’s arse, where his low slung cut offs barely clung to his body, tightened. Ignoring all of Shawn’s efforts to push him away, he glowered at Brett.

“Who the hell are you?” he yelled over the thumping music.

“He’s my boss,” Shawn said, looking from the man in front of him to the man behind him and then back to Brett again. “I…”

Brett cast a pointed look at the hands still pressing against the first man’s chest.

“I believe he’s telling you to back off.”

“Fuck off, if you want to chase your secretary ‘round your desk, do it at work. We saw him first. If you want him—you can bloody well wait until we’re done.”

Brett didn’t miss the stress the man put on the word we. He looked from him to the other man, whose arms were also wrapped firmly around Shawn, staking a claim on the younger man’s body.

As he saw it, any man who went to a BDSM resort and purported to be a dominant should be able to back up that claim on his own. If he needed his friend to stand up for him, he really should have picked a different sort of lifestyle. Either that, or he should admit he was a submissive and just bloody well get on with it.

Brett reached between them and took hold of Shawn’s wrist. Each of the other men tightened his grip on him. Shawn twisted around to look at each of them in turn, obviously not at all in favour of being caught in the middle of a three-way mine’s-bigger-than-yours contest.

“Don’t be tiresome, children,” Brett told the younger men sandwiching Shawn. One let go of his prize to square off against him. The other immediately did the same so he could back up his friend. That was all Brett needed from them. He deftly manoeuvred Shawn from between them and put the smaller man behind him.

“Who the—?” one of the would be dominants began.

“Yes, yes, very interesting,” Brett said, letting boredom seep into every word as the music faded into a quieter but equally thumping rhythm. “Now, you can either have a temper tantrum in the middle of the dance floor—in which case you’ll be thrown out. Or you can just accept the fact that whatever you planned to do with Shawn isn’t going to happen—and find someone else to play with.”

“You’ll be chucked out too. Let’s see if you’re so bloody sure of yourself if we all take it outside.” He pushed at Brett’s chest. “You won’t be the one fu—”

He tried to shove Brett again. Brett only had a certain amount of patience to waste on a man like that. He caught the other guy’s wrist and simply twisted until he dropped to his knees with a yelp.

“Brett!” Shawn put his hand on his arm, trying to get his attention. “What are you…?”

Brett turned to the second man who was watching it all happen, wide eyed and apparently completely incapable of believing he really was being caught up in a real confrontation. “I suggest you take him up to the bar and ask the barman, very politely, for some ice to put on his wrist,” Brett told him as he released the first man’s arm.

The guy looked from Brett, to his friend and back again. He dragged his friend to his feet and backed away as if he expected Brett to suddenly launch himself after them at any second.

Brett watched them go, shaking his head at the state of men who were calling themselves dominants these days.

When he turned around, Shawn was also staring wide eyed at him—it was a far better look on him than it had been on the other men. Big blue eyes gazed at him through impossibly long lashes, his lips were slightly parted too, as if in invitation. He blinked at Brett as if he was completely out of it.

Thanks for reading. If you want to know more about it, In the Heat of the Moment, is available here.

Kim Dare.
Kink, love and a happy ending. Do you Dare?

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