Sunday 21 March 2010

The Truth will out...

Thanks to everyone who entered.

Okay, time for the truth...

1. I have a BA in Creative Writing from a top British university. FALSE - I did do one undergraduate creative writing course - and, strangely enough it's the only subject I've ever tried out that I didn't actually enjoy studying. I do have two other undergraduate degrees on the go - a BA and a BSc which I'll finish at some point.

2. Every story I've submitted for publication has been accepted on first offering. FALSE - I've had a good run of luck, but not quite that good. Two stories were accepted by the second publisher they were submitted to. A different two received a recommendation to revise and re-submit from my current publishers (too much kink, not enough romance in each case) and there are four short stories that were submitted to competitions or magazines that I'm going to re-write into novellas when I get a chance.

3. I'm a fluent Welsh speaker, and have been since I was old enough to talk. FALSE. I live in Wales and I studied Welsh in school, but I'm first language English. I'd love to be fluent one day, at the moment I manage a bit of Wenglish.

4. I've written a minimum of 1000 words every single day for over three years. TRUE. I found it really helped me get into the discipline of writing when I first started to take writing seriously, so I kept going with it. If it's not broke and all that, lol.

5. All my characters are based on the kinky people I know in real life. FALSE. All a product of my rather over active imagination I'm afraid.

6. Nobody in my family knows what kind of books I write. FALSE. Everyone knows - no one has a problem with it. My family kind of rocks in that way.

7. I sometimes forget my characters aren't real people, and worry their feelings will be hurt when reviews dislike them. TRUE. Yep, I do think of them as real people. And I do worry about weird things like that. I think I'm getting better as time goes on - not so much in not thinking they're real, but in remembering that by the time the reviews come in, they've already found their happy endings - they're strong enough to take it.

So that makes numbers 4 and 7 the correct answers. One person got them both right - Bronwyn, you obviously know me far too well!

Since Nancy, Chris, Lisabet, Candy, Orelukjp0 and Kristie all got one right, they get their choice of free e-book too.

If you send an e-mail to telling me which free book you'd like to receive, I'll e-mail you a pdf back :)

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Chris said...

Aw, thank you, mysterious Kim! :)