Wednesday 1 September 2010

September News Letter

This is my first attempt at a newsletter. I’m guessing there’s going to be a lot of trial and error involved in getting it right. So, if there’s anything you think would make a nice addition or that could be better done differently, feel free to mention it in a comment.

Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered into a draw to win an e-book of their choice from my back list, or an IOU for a future release.

Onto the newsletter!

September Newsletter 2010.

Coming This Month

September 6th – Gayday! Gayday!

Book eleven in the G-A-Y Series

A gayday signal—as Rip happily explains to his rather straight friend—is just like a mayday signal, except in this case, the distress flag going up is decidedly rainbow coloured.

When Rip needs a friend to rescue him from his date by pretending to be his disgruntled master, it's obvious that another sub isn't going to be up to the job. He needs a dominant, and a straight one will do in a pinch.

Slade isn't thrilled about being woken up in the middle of the night and asked to rescue his bratty little friend, but he can't bring himself to leave a sub to the mercy of an unknown dominant either. And, even if most of his previous lovers have been women, he can't quite resist the temptation to show Rip how he would act if he really were catching his sub flirting with another dominant.

Who knew a straight dominant could have so much fun playing white knight to a gay submissive?

Reader Advisory: This series is connected solely by theme. Each story can be read as a stand alone title and they can be read in any order.

September 6th – Trust, Love, Submit (As part of the Threefold Anthology)

Dallen and Caroline understand each other’s needs perfectly. That’s the problem, they both need the same things—things another submissive has no chance of providing. They need a dominant in their lives.

Finding someone they want to submit to isn’t easy. Finding a good dominant who is equally interested in them both is even harder. After several disastrous encounters with different doms, the only thing that’s keeping them going is hope.

When Horton sees a beautiful young couple, playing in a local club, he knows he’s spotted his ideal pair of playmates, but he’s not looking for anything serious. He’s not looking to fall in love with anyone.

Can three people looking for very different things find real happiness in each other’s arms? Caroline, Dallen and Horton are about to find out.

September 27th – Handcuffs and Headlocks

Book Three in the Rawlings Men series.

Undercover police officer Ed Rawlings isn’t just good at his job—he’s bloody fantastic at it. But there is such a thing as being too good at playing pretend. When reality refuses to come back, even when he’s off duty, something has to change for the hyperactive submissive. Could a no nonsense master be exactly who he needs to help him make those changes?

Derby FitzGerald doesn’t do pretend. Losing track of reality when you’re teaching martial arts would be bound to get very painful, very quickly. But maybe there’s such a thing as taking life too seriously too. Could a confused cop be precisely the right person to remind him of that?

Reader advisory: While this story can be read as a stand alone, it can also be read in sequence as part of the Rawlings Men Series.

Flash Back:

In case you missed them last month’s releases were:

And if we scroll back a whole year, September 2009’s release was:


A huge thanks to everyone who bought a copy of Gay Friendly. As I mentioned at the time, all the royalties I receive for this book are being donated to Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice.

I’ve just received my TEB royalty statement for July. 349 copies were sold that month. That means that so far the readers of Gay Friendly have raised a fantastic £235.92 for really amazing cause.

I'm dontating through this site.

Thank you!


The fantastic Chris at Stumbling Over Chaos is giving away a copy of Gayday! Gayday! here (Closes September 3rd)

And also a copy of the Threefold Anthology containing Trust, Love, Submit here (Closes September 7th)

Works in progress


I’m just putting the final few touches to a Christmas Story for Total-e-bound called Mistletoe and Submission. I’m sure everyone will be shocked to hear a contemporary Male/Male, BDSM novel, lol. It’s also about 55k long and due to be published on December 20th 2010.

Here’s the blurb as it currently stands:

“Stand under the mistletoe until midnight, naked, blindfolded and bound. Submit to any dominant who wants a piece of you.”

At the junior doms regular poker night, anything can, and frequently does, happen. Add in crackers that contain dares instead of jokes and two men’s lives might never be the same.

When Carl applied to join the best leather club in the city, he had no doubt about his preference for dominance. It was only when he set eyes on Sloan that he began to wonder if submission might be far more fun than he originally thought.

With no time for club politics and little interest in rising through the ranks, ever since experienced dom Sloan moved to the city and joined the club, he’s been quite content to bide his time among the junior dominants and keep a brotherly eye on a young man who is obviously out of his depth with his more outgoing contemporaries.

One man has to do the dare. The only question now, is which man will it be, and are either of the friends ready for the way their relationship might change after a night of Mistletoe and Submission?

Once this one wings it’s way to my editor this weekend, I’ll be turning my attention to polishing up Perfect Timing 6. It’s another Male/Male BDSM tale, about 35k long. I wrote it way back in 2008 and my writing has changed a little since then, so it’ll be interesting to see how much of it survives!


I generally have a writing project, where I work on the first draft of another story alongside whatever I’m editing. At the moment I’m about half way through Cameron’s Pride—the fourth and last book in the Thrown to the Lions series.

About half way through the month, I should be moving on to re-writing and extending the next book in my Collared series. This is another one from 2008. It started ovff as a short, grew into a novella, I'm now making it a 35k story :)

In Real Life:

For anyone who’s following the ongoing saga of my health issues, things aren’t going too bad. The new meds are still helping. When I manage to pace myself sensibly (which admittedly isn’t that often) I’m relatively pain free.

And for those who are into their crafts as well as their reading. I’m currently part way through 2 crochet projects.

A full size patchwork afghan made out of solid granny squares with black boarders:

(I need to do three more squares out of each colour ball of wool, and yep - it's probably going to be hiding a large chunk of the living room carpet until I'm done!)

And a pink, what I think is going to be a lap sized, one piece granny square blanket:

(I think it needs at least two more rows of dusky pink, maybe three)

And that's it - you've made it to the end! Congratulations and thanks for reading!

Don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered into the draw. The winner will be announced in next month’s newsletter.

Have a great September everyone!

Kim Dare.
Kink, love and a happy ending. Do you Dare?


Chris said...

Thanks for the mentions! And that's great news about the money raised for Ty Hafan!!

Nikyta said...

Thanks for mentioning your upcoming releases! I've already written them done on my calendar. The Christmas story sounds awesome, I can't wait for it.I'm glad the meds are still working for you! I couldn't imagine being sick and writing at the same time. And those quilts, man, I wish I could do things like that but I have absolutely no crafts skills in my body at all... It's kind of sad when you think about it because everyone else in my family does. lol

Susan said...

I loved hearing about your WIPs, and also the upcoming releases, they all sound great (esp Gayday! Gayday! - all the G-A-Y books are awesome)! Wonderful news about the meds - all too often that isn't the case and I've been a bit worried about them not continuing to work well - so yay!

Lily said...

I'm glad to hear the meds are doing good for you.

Love the second blanket, so pretty!!

Thanks for the info on future books.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - I Love author newsletters.

I would like to suggest a serial fiction section. You get a little piece of a story with each newsletter. I have a love / hate relationship with them. I normally read books in an evening so I hate that I have to wait for months to finish a story, but I love the anticipation. It makes me want to open those newsletters as soon as I receive them.

And as long as I am wishing It would be a great place to get peeks at the life after of some of my favorite Characters like Jerry and Denton from Bi now, Gay Later or George and Eric from Turquoise and Leather or Nicky and Charles from The Gift or the lovely new guys from Duck just to name a few favorites.

Glad your meds are working and you are feeling better and that it means we get more of your faboo stories.

capthelen said...

Very good newsletter. How about putting your "Free" reads in it so people can add them to their collections?
Sorry to hear you are sick with ? and glad the meds are helping.
I am delighted to hear about WIPS and look forward to the Xmas story.

LA said...

Thank you for taking the time to put together this newsletter. I always want to know what is coming out next-and newsletters are a great way to anticipate what interesting books are going to be out next.

Kristie said...

I'm glad that things are looking okay health wise, and I'm really looking forward to next weeks Gayday! Gayday! release.

~Jody said...

Good luck with the newsletter. Here's hoping it's a painless endeavor.

~Jody said...

Also - I just love your granny squares ;)

Cathy M said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks for all the updates, can't believe how busy you are. I see some amazing stories coming up that I can't wait to read.

Have a wonderful weekend.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Linda said...

Thanks for the updates through the newsletter. I would also love a peek in the lives of the favorite characters (which is all of them, lol)

Liz said...

Glad the meds are helping you feel better. I just want to say I LOVE your "Duck" story and love re-reading it again & again! I love stories where wings are involved. But hey I love ALL your stories and keep up the good work. Peace-Love & Soul!

Susilien said...


That is an awesome Newsletter. Thank you for all of the updates on where you are with your writing.

I'm thrilled to hear that the meds are helping. Please strive to take care of yourself.

The afgans are beautiful. The granny squares with black borders reminds me of one my aunt made. Unfortunately my niece's dog destroyed it. Anyway it is a beautiful reminder of a beloved aunt, so thank you for that.

Have a great week!