Tuesday 1 February 2011

February Newsletter

Hi Everyone!

My February Newsletter is now up on my website. There's a free short story, and a giveaway, along with news about all my upcoming releases.

Check it out here.


Kim Dare.


Sammy1on1 said...

I would love to read a story featuring a Female dominant and a Male submissive. The few that I have read I have really enjoyed but they are very hard to fine were the books actually sticks to that relationship. Some that I have read the Male ends up being the dominant in the end. I would definitely buy it if you put it out.

Kim Dare said...

Thanks Sammy!

You're right. There don't seem to be many about at all.

The plan for mine is that the couple would stay with that dynamic all the way through the book :)

Chris said...

Well, that hardly seems fair that you end up with the same number of hours of writing whichever way you approach it! I guess it makes it easy to choose the more mellow way...

Lily said...

Loved the story, thanks!