Thursday, 4 August 2011

August Already

Hi everyone,

I managed to completely miss the fact a new month had started, so August's newsletter is slightly late going up, but it's there now!

Click on the pretty pic to check it out :)


Kim Dare


Holly said...

I hope you have a good August and my, that is a very lovely picture! LOL


Jan said...

Happy August...sometimes nothing beats that full-on naked the pic :)
Jan (

Josie said...

Happy August Kim, I have only recently discovered your books and love them. Just finished the Thrown to the Lions series, now working through Perfect Timing


Donna said...

Hi Kim,

Your newsletters are always fun to read. I can't wait to start your new series.


Amanda said...

Happy almost September! :) I keep stalking your site to see more information about Magpie... Duck! is one of my top three favorites - I reread it all the time. ♥

Sonia Lal said...

Looking forward to the new series! They excerpt looks good