Monday 8 April 2013

Have you heard?

I don't have anything new out this week, so I thought I'd talk about something else.

I have a long running love of audio books. Lately, when I haven't been feeling at my best, they're a god-send.

Here are some of my favourites...

The Truth: Discworld, Book 25 | [Terry Pratchett]

I love all Pratchett. My favourite to read is a different title, but there's something about this one on audio that makes it quietly perfect. The Welsh accents for the dawarfs probably doesn't hurt. (It's also one of the more stand alone-ish Discworld titles. Although it's even better if you know the other books set there.)

Pride And Prejudice | [Jane Austen]

I admit that I find a lot of the classics to be easier to listen to than to read. A good narrator really brings Jane Austen to life for me.

The Day Of The Triffids | [John Wyndham]

Fantastic sci-fi. If you only know it from the movies, the book is in a whole different league. I've never actually "read" it, but I've listened to it well over a dozen times over the years.

A Civil Contract | [Georgette Heyer]

This isn't one of the most popular of Georgette Heyer's romances, but I think it's one of her best. It's not all hearts and flowers, it's realistic and, I think, all the more perfect because of it. My other favourite of her books in audio is Arabella. It's equally perfect, but in exactly the opposite way - pure escapism. I still laugh out loud every time I listen to it.

I have to confess, that I haven't listened to a huge amount of erotica or erotic romance on audio. But I do have a few out.

I have a free short story that has been made into an audio story. You can listen to that free on youtube below.

Total-e-bound has also released the stories that I've submitted to various anthologies as audio books.

Between Tooth and Paw | [Kim Dare]    Whispers | [Kim Dare]

Yes! | [Kim Dare]    Elliot's War: Gaymes | [Kim Dare]
Trust, Love, Submit - Audio
Does anyone else here like audio books, erotic or otherwise? Let me know!
Kim Dare


Chris said...

I only listen to them when I'm on long driving trips. I've never actually "read" any of the Harry Potter books - only listened to them. Jim Dale, the narrator for the US audiobooks, is awesome!

Contest kicking off tomorrow, I believe. :)

Jean Reads said...

I love audiobooks, I have listened to a lot (thanks to audible and the public library. I will be honest - although I read a lot of erotic stuff, I am not a fan of listening to it in detail. I listen to a lot of fantasy, parnormal, urban fantasy, YA books, and some less-descriptive contemporary romance. There is one pretty good Georgette Heyer book I heard - The Unknown Ajax. One of my favorite audiobooks series ever is Morrigan's Cross / Dance of the Gods / Valley of Silence by Nora Roberts. Awesome narration.