Monday 20 May 2013

Things that make me happy...

At the moment, the UK’s same sex marriage bill is being debated in parliament. The bigotry is flying. It’s probably going to get worse before it gets better. Health wise and work wise things are winding me up too.

So, today I’m going to ignore all of that and take about a couple of the random things that have made me happy lately.

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Les Miserable (DVD)

Les Mis is my favourite musical. I’ve seen it on stage and in concert but I don’t do cinema, so this was my first chance to see this version. It was so much better than I expected it to be. Some of the actors who I didn’t expect to be any good really knocked it out of the park. BTW – did anyone else notice the way Eljorah was looking at Marius at certain points in the film? I don’t think Fontine and Cossette were the only ones in love with him

Apassionata (Book)

(Spoilers!!!) I like all the books in this series (and they do need to be read as part of the series). But, this one was something special. One of the characters in the story – Marcus – has been around for several books; he’s the son of one of the main characters in the original titles. Now, he’s in his late teens / early twenties.

Marcus isn’t the main character in the book, but he was the one whose story had me on the edge of my seat—it also had me in tears at more than one point. He’s a gorgeous character and he deserved his happy ending so much—not just in terms of a romance, but in terms of family relationships and self discovery as well.

In Search of a Master (Book)

This one doesn’t seem to be in print any more. I had to order a 1980’s copy from a second hand shop in America. It was worth it. I’ve liked all the John Preston books I’ve read, but this one was right up there with Mr. Benson for me.

Maybe it’s because it was written from the sub’s point of view (unlike Entertainments for a Master and For the Love of a Master, which are set in the same world). Or maybe it’s more than that—I think perhaps those two books were a fantasy written to appeal to doms, where as In Search of  Master was more likely to appeal to subs.

There are three subs in the story, matched up with three doms by the end. Two of the doms lost quite a lot of my respect near the end of the book, but in the process the third dom proved himself to be an even better man in my mind.

As a writer I can see that those doms only became more domly and perfect for their respective subs via their actions near the end. As a reader I was so wrapped up in the story by that point I would have cheerfully have throttled those two doms and I still like to think they got their comeuppance after the book ended.

Fall Girl (Book)

This is the book I’m reading at the moment. It’s by Tony Jordan, the author of Addition. I bought Fall Girl just after finishing Addition, that was way back in last year. I’ve had it on my bedside table ever since, but I’ve been scared to read it, because I really wanted it to be as good as Addition, and I was afraid it wouldn’t be. Guess what—all that worry was for nothing.

The topic doesn’t touch quite so close to my heart (Addition dealt with OCD, which I have a bit of experience with) but the style and the voice are just as good, and the story is good in its own right.

So, yes, at the moment, I'm just reminding myself there are good things in the world and things that can make me happy, even when bigots are making stupid speeches in parliment.
And that's about it for today.
Have a good week everyone!

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