Wednesday 12 June 2013


Hi Everyone,

There are some books that are a joy to work on. They almost seem to want to write themselves. You start at the begining of the first draft, write straight through to the end, edit it without to many problems and send it off to a publisher.

Then there are the other kind of stories. The ones that don't want to be written.

Way back near the begining of 2009 I had an idea for a short story. It was going to be 2000 words long and given away as a freebie. I wrote it, but it didn't really work. I guessed it needed to be longer. I set it aside to re-write as a 15,000 story.

That version didn't work either. Maybe it still wasn't long enough. I re-wrote it as a 30,000 word version. No luck. Maybe I'd gone too far the other way. I changed things around and cut it down to 20,000 words.

The damn thing still didn't work. By this point, I was far from impressed. I could probably have written a full length novel in the time I'd spent potching with this story.

Finally, this year, I decide the only thing to do is take the idea and completely re-write it from scratch. That's what I did - three times. Finally, after changing the title, the character names and most of the plot, I think I have a version of the original idea that works.

That story is now called Different, and will be re-released as a 13,000 word story with Amber Allure on 11th August 2013.

Here's the blurb:

Matthew and Stuart have been dating for over five months and Stuart thinks things are going well — right up until the moment Matthew suggests that they try something different — the kind of different that involves bondage, spanking and leather.

Matthew’s been building up to making this suggestion for weeks, dropping subtle hints and hoping Stuart won’t completely freak out at the mention of kink. Now, with his desires out in the open, all Matthew can do is hope that introducing something different will make their relationship perfect rather than destroy it completely.

With this one submitted, I'm now down to "only" 34 backlog stories - ones I've started since I began writing seriously, but haven't got to the point where they are submittable.

In order to preserve what sanity I have left, I'm now happily working away on a brand new title, one that doesn't have an baggage attached to it from previous attempts. It's something close to bliss.

Hope everyone is having a great week,


Kim Dare

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Sounds like a great story!