Thursday 20 March 2014

"The Werewolf Novel"

Hi Everyone :)

Just a quick update.

For a little while now, I've been talking about "The Werewolf Novel".

Well, the first draft is finished and the first re-write started.

The cover art is ordered. That means the title has been decided too!

It's called Axel's Pup and will be the first in a series called Werewolves & Dragons.

At least four full length novels are planned for the series. Each one will be M/M, BDSM and Werewolf/Human. The Dragons part of the series title comes from the name of the motorcycle club the human characters belong to.

In other news, I'm also making progress on my free short for the GR MM Romance Group summer event. That also has a title, but we're not allowed to tell anyone what they are.



5 comments: said...

Best news of the week!! Thank you so much!!!

ria said...

I'm ria and I'm a klutz, I forgot to insert the name in the comment above, sorry

Miri said...

Can't wait :)
Thank you for the great news

Kim Dare said...

Thanks guys! I'm really excited about it :)

Unknown said...

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