Thursday 3 July 2008


You know that moment on TV. The one where somebody hands the character a microphone for a sound check and tells them to 'say something'. And suddenly a person who has no trouble talking nineteen to the dozen the rest of the time can't think of a single thing to say.

I'm having a microphone moment. So I'm going to cheat and copy-and-paste something to start me off.

This is the author biography I'm in the middle of writing for Total-e-bound.

Kim is 25 years old, from a small town in South Wales.

After writing for years, Kim is finally editing some of the stories to share with the rest of the world. Kim writes both male/male and male/female stories that range from the dark and paranormal right through to the lighter, funnier side of life.

The only thing every story contains is a happy ever after for the two (or more!) characters that deserve it most. Oh, and kinky sex – there’s always plenty of that too – but Kim takes no responsibility for any of that. It’s all the characters fault. Honest…

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