Friday, 4 July 2008

Turquoise and Leather info

Hi everyone,

Here's some of that info about Turquoise and Leather I was talking about yesterday.

Let's start with the blurb -

George McAllister knows better than to hook up with an untrained submissive. He doesn’t have the patience to guide a novice through his first kinky experiences. His lovers have to know what they are doing and do what they are told. When he sees Eric dancing on top of a table in a kinky club, he assumes the beautiful young man is an experienced submissive. Then he sees the turquoise and leather on his neck and recognises it as a collar. Someone else already owns Eric. George has no choice but to walk away.

Eric Jordan doesn’t know much about kink and he has no idea why George is suddenly less than enthusiastic. But he knows what he wants and if he has to chase after George to get it, so be it. If George wants to believe the pretty bit of rock on his necklace means something kinky, that’s fine. But Eric doesn’t belong to anyone but himself and he won’t give up possession of himself for one night in George’s bed.

An untrained submissive might not be what George wants, but he could be just what George needs.

As you might have guessed from the names the story is and male/male. And, like most of my stories, there a BDSM flavour to it.

It's going to be released as a Lust Bite on December 1st this year.

Closer to the time, I'll post an extract and what-not, but that's it for this post.


Lynn said...

I look forward to reading more,
Good Luck, Lynn.x

Anonymous said...

Great blurb!