Monday 2 February 2009

Memo: Reviews, Competitions and blogs, oh my!

Lots to tell you about today, so stright into it...


TEB's February Newsletter came out. It includes a lovely peer review of The Gift by Lisabet Sarai. You can see that here. If you're not already reading it, be sure to check out the round robin. Last month's chapter by Jamie Hill is in the archieves as part of January's Newsletter. This month's chapter is by Jude Mason. Chapter three is by me, and that will be part of the March Newsletter.

TEB also announced a competetion to win a set of the My Secret Valentine seasonal releases that are due to be released next Monday (Including my novella, Secret Service). Click on the photo below to enter - all you have to do is sign up to the news letter.


Turquoise and Leather, the first story in my Collared series arrived in TEB's Coming soon page. Click on the link if you want to take a look. It was the first story I submitted to TEB, so I'm thrilled the released date is getting closer!

That also means it's only one week until Secret Service will be on sale!


It's my day on Writer's Evolution - This week we're talking about Writing Avoidance.


I'm back on this blog, looking at another Word of the Week. This week I'll be talking about Bondage.


From now on, this will be my day on the Oh Get a Grip blog. There are a whole collection of new writers taking it over, so do check it out and get to know everyone. If you leave a comment on any of this weeks posts you'll automatically be entered into out Grand Re-opening prize draw, for a chance to win a $30.00 amazon voucher. This topic of the week this week is Initiation.


I'll be back here with a Friday's Five... Haven't pinned down a topic yet, I'm thinking something about book length, since that's where my thoughts regarding writing are lingering at the moment.

And that's all I've got planned as far as I know.

What else do I need to tell you?

It's the start of the month, so I better add some aims.

This time I'm going to try doing aims for the week, and see if that will turn out to be a bit more accurate.

Writing: I'm working on four short stories at the moment. I'd like to get the first drafts of at least two done this week, and maybe make a start on the third.

Editing: Sealing the Deal is undergoing final checks, so I'm turning my attention to my anthology submission. I have a first draft, by the end of the week, I'd like to turn that into a second draft.

And that's it.

Have a good Monday everyone!


Michelle said...

Not fair! I only have 24 hours in my day! :-( Where do you find the time????

Merc said...

Well, first off, congrats on the publishing news! :D Very exciting!

And I agree with Chelle, girl, where DO you get all that extra time? :P lol

I'm definitely looking forward to your blog posts. I eagerly watch my google reader to see when you have something new up!


Kim Dare said...

Extra time, not sure where it all went. I know I used to have some. At the moment, I'm trying to work out if promo work and editing can exist in the same space/time thingy.