Monday 9 February 2009

Monday Memo: release day, cover art, plans and aims

Hi everyone,

Straight into the news for the week -


New cover art came through for Gaydar. I'll share that in a seperate post :)


Secret Service is officially released! Yay! More about that in a seperate post too.


I'm on Writer's Evolution talking about Writer's Insecurity.


I'm here talking about my word of the week: Discipline.


I'm on Oh, Get a Grip talking about Valentine's Day.


No idea what I'll have five of this week. No doubt I'll think of something before Friday :)

As far as I know, that's it for the week - and lots of promo work as well, of course.

I'll let you know if I find out I'm supposed to be somewhere else as well, lol.

Since I actually achieved most of the aims I posted last Monday, I'm going to post some more this week.


I'm on my third short story. Two more left to go. I'd like to finish them this week, ready to start something else next week.


Sealing the Deal has gone. I'd like to get as much as possible done on my anthology submission this week. It would be nice if it could be submittable by the end of the week, but I'll be happy if it's almost there and it can go off at the start of next week.

And that's it.

Happy Monday everyone.

Don't forget to read the other posts about Secret Service and Gaydar!


Merc said...

Sounds like it'll be a great week!

Kim Dare said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for it!