Tuesday 21 April 2009

Coming soon and blogs

Silent Night has arrived on TEB's coming soon page.

You can have a gander by clicking on the cover, if you like.

It's the second in the Perfect Timing Series.

The first in the series is coming out next Monday!

Since I'm posting pics and links, that pic is a link too.

I also have a few blog posts dotted around that I didn't tell you about before.

Today I posted about Writers Image at Writers Evolution. All Erotic Romance Writers should be...

Last Thurdsay I posted about Happy endings on Oh, Get a grip. All they all lived hopefully ever after.

And last Tuesday I posted about chosing a genre on Writer's Evolution. I had a choice?

What other updates do I have for you?

I know as soon as I hit publish post, I'm going to think of something...

Well, it's not coming to mind at the moment, so I'll leave it here.

Hope you're all having a fantastic day.

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Bronwyn Green said...

Heading over there now :)