Saturday 4 April 2009

The Gift - New Review!

As you might guess from the pic above - The Gift has just been reviewed by Whipped Cream!

I recieved a four out of five cherry rating and the reviewer gave me some lovely comments. Including

"In a twist on the classic Christmas Story tale, Charles is visited by a sexy ghost of Christmas Past to help show him the meaning of Christmas. Mix in chocolate, sex toys, a delicious and obedient pet with a whole mountain of tinsel and the recipe for a great Christmas has never been better."

Thanks Cactus!

The story is also up for the Book of the Week award. It's based on reader votes. You just read the reviews and decide which book you like the sound of best, based on those reviews.

If you get a free second over the weekend - I'd really appreciate your vote. The list of books you can vote for is here. The Gift is second from the bottom. If you scroll down a bit, you can read all the reviews - The Gift is second from the top :)

Have a good weekend everyone :)


Unknown said...

Congrats! Great review.

Kim Dare said...

Thanks Ashley :)