Monday 26 July 2010

Gay Best Friend - Available Now!

Hi guys,

New book out today. Gay Best Friend is an M/M, BDSM short. It’s the tenth book in the G-A-Y Lust Bite Series, but since it’s only connected to the other titles by theme, it can also be read as a standalone.

Here’s the blurb:

And here’s a quick excerpt:

“So what do you do, wash each other’s hair, paint each other’s nails and stuff?”

Carlton Griffiths considered the question very carefully from all possible angles. It still didn’t make the damnedest bit of sense. He glanced briefly across the table at his new co-worker, just in case that might inspire some blinding flash of understanding. It didn’t. Carlton turned his attention back to the match playing on the big screen behind the other man’s shoulder. “What are you on about now?”

“Owens—he’s your ‘gay best friend’, isn’t he? Isn’t that the kind of thing you do together?” Gary chipped in, from his right.

“Bryce?” Carlton frowned as he tossed back the dregs of his pint. “He’s fine. Just leave him be.”

“Sticking up for your boyfriend?”

Carlton leaned to the side in a vain attempt to see the screen past Matthew’s head. He’d never realised the man had such an annoyingly huge skull.

“Well, if you’re not giving each other pretty little make-overs, what are you getting up to with each other?” Simon piped up from the seat next to Matthew.

Carlton put his glass back on the table and tore his eyes away from the screen. He looked at each of his new colleagues in turn. In hindsight, the fact that they’d all seemed far more interested in him than the screen ever since Bryce went up to the bar, should have probably given him a clue much sooner.

Part of him had already been aware that none of them had been thrilled when they found out Bryce was gay. Apparently, none of them had grown a brain since then.

“Fine,” he finally said, with a dramatic little sigh. “You’ve uncovered the truth at last—we’re actually madly in love with each other. Every time we can snatch a moment alone, we’re having wild sex in tons of interesting and varied positions. Now, for the love of all things gay, straight and undecided, will you please shut up so I can watch the damn match!”

Matthew spluttered as he tried to swallow and hyperventilate at the same time. “You what!”

Carlton sighed, for real now. “Sarcasm means nothing to you, does it?”

“Screw sarcasm! Straight guys don’t bloody well say things like that.”

Another look around the table confirmed that they were all staring at him with the same horrified expression.

“It’s called being comfortable with your sexuality,” he informed them.

While they continued to gawp at him, those same expressions still frozen onto their faces, Carlton did his best to ignore them all. It wasn’t easy when Matthew was still sitting between him and the screen. The players kept kicking the ball into one side of his head. Most times it passed through and appeared on the other side as if there was nothing between his ears to stop it, but when it was intercepted somewhere behind his skull Carlton lost any real chance of following play.

“Sounds gay to me,” Gary muttered, somewhere off to Carlton’s right.

The ref blew the whistle for half time. Carlton slumped back in his seat. “Should have gone back to Bryce’s place to watch the game like he said…” Bryce was going to be so bloody smug when he got back to the table with the next round and realised he barely knew the damn score.

“So you could be…comfortable with your sexuality together?” Simon asked.

Carlton rolled his eyes heavenward. This was why it was important to stay at least one drink ahead of the guys he worked with. They were bloody annoying when they were drunker than him. He looked forlornly at his empty pint glass.

“You need to pick a team,” Gary announced, as if he’d just come to that conclusion, as if it wasn’t bloody obvious that Carlton knew which team he was on already.

“I’m straight. Bryce’s gay. We’ve be friends since before either of us were old enough to know what either word means.”

He was straight. Bryce was gay. Carlton repeated the same thought over inside his head, just for good measure. Those were the facts of the matter, and that was the way they were going to stay, even if he did sometimes find himself wondering what would happen if—

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Gay Best Friend is available here.

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