Sunday 9 October 2011

New Acceptance, New Release, New Cover Art!

I've got lots of news to share today!

I've got a new book out - the second one in the Pushing the Envelope series. Click on the cover to check it out:

I also have a new acceptance - which is the 6th book in the same series - it will be coming out next February and is called For His Eyes Only.

And, just to complete the hat trick, I also have new cover art to share. Falling Angels is a full length novel and is due to be released sometime in 2012.

The story I'm working on next is an MM Valentine's project for a different publisher than the three I normally work with, so there probably won't be any definate information for quite a while.

Next up after that is another MM - the third book in the Collared series, for Total-e-bound. I might have some news on that one around the end of the month.



P.S. Huge thanks to everyone who commented on my previous blog post - both here and on GR and my new blog.


Josie said...

Looking forward to the new novel and the next Collared story, is it a M/M ?

Kim Dare said...

Thanks Josie :)

The 3rd Collared story is an MM. (The 4th will be MF, but then the rest will be MM.)

The Falling Angels novel will be MMM.