Tuesday 14 January 2014

Coming Soon and Big News!

Hi Everyone :)

I've been quiet for a little while, but I now have lot of news to share! And, it's all good news!

First of all, I have two books coming out in the next couple of months. Both are going to be self published titles.

The first, coming in February, is a re-release of Call Me Sir, Boy! The story has been tweaked and re-edited to form a consistent part of the Kinky Cupid series and is going to be released under the new title - Base Over Apex. It's M/M, BDSM and 20k in length.

(Just to be completely clear, the changes made to the story are about series consistency and edits/style based. The story has not been substancially extended or altered. Please bear this in mind if you're considering buying Base Over Apex!)

The second story is completely new. Worth a Shot is coming out in March. It's the second book in the FIT Guys series and features Colby's brother - Tony. I think it stands okay on its own, but for maximum enjoyment, I would recommend you read Worth Waiting For first. This one is M/M, BDSM and 55k in length.

A little later this year (perhaps April - May) I have two books coming out with publishers.

One is Fourteen Nights, the final story in the Sun, Sea and Submission series with Resplendence Publishing.

The other story is still under wraps at this point. More information on both these titles will be along closer to their releases.

And, that brings us up to the summer and the big news.

A lot of people have asked me about this particular project. So, I'm really please to announce that...

There will be a new Avian Shifters novel coming out this summer. 

It will be a full length novel and focus on Ambrose (an albatross who works in the nest's security flock) and a new character to the nest.

Ori, Reynard, Everet and Kane will all be there and playing their parts in the story too.

Hope everyone is having a great 2014 so far!


Kim Dare


Anonymous said...

New Avian Shifter!?!?!? *happy dancing*

I am not a shifter fan, but I am definitely an Avian Shifter fan. This news made my day!! (And I've not even finished my first cup of coffee.)

Linda said...

YEA!!!! I love the Avian Shifter series. Every month I read Duck! and Magpie. I LOVE, LOVE this series can you tell. LOL

Josie said...

Fabulous news all round. I'm excited for all the books, but a new Avian shifter.......whoppie! Thank you. I hope your starting to feel a bit better now.

Kim Dare said...

Thanks guys - I'm really looking forward to writing the new Avians!

ria said...

Wow! Such fantabulous news!! Can't wait to read all the new books!! And a new Avian Shifter, the coming summer is looking up! <3

ShelliRie said...

Great News, I really like the Avian Shifter series.

ShelliRie said...
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Yingtai said...

I'm adding my voice to the chorus of celebration for the new Avian Shifters! I stand in awe of how many different personality types you can write, but it's Raynard and Ori that I love hearing more about ...

Amocca said...

This is a wonderful coincidence! I read Duck! Today as part of a reading challenge in the GR MM group and I absolutely looooooooved it!

I hurried out to buy Magpie, which i will read shortly, so how happy am I to see that there isa new one coming this summer!

Miri said...

Two wonderful news in my book.
I love the sun, sea and submission series, and I'm realy lookinf forward to a new book.

Avian shifter is one of my all time favorite series, and I've reread both Duck! and Magpie more then once. can't wait.

Thank you

Alex Barrows said...

Wow!!! I am taking this as a birthday present. I loved Duck which got me to buy several of your others books so to find about we will get to finally learn more about that wonderful Albatross is beyond great. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! <3 :D

Alex Barrows said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kim Dare said...

Sorry guys, somehow I didn't get alerts to comments, so I'm super late in replying :(

Thank you! I'm glad everyone's looking forward to the Avians. It is one of my favourite series to write. Ambrose is a sweetheart, and all the existing characters will be there nudging things along in their own ways :)


Unknown said...

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