Saturday, 8 February 2014

Base Over Apex - Available Now!

Base Over Apex is now available from Amazon and All Romance E-books! It's also listed on goodreads here.

It's a 20,000 words Male/Male, BDSM, Erotic Romance. This version is part of the Kinky Cupid series that began at Riptide Publishing with Once a Brat.

It was previously released by All Romance E-books under the title Call Me Sir, Boy! It's been re-edited and tweaked to make it a consistant part of the Kinky Cupid series, but it has not been substancially extended or altered.

(I have no idea why, but blogger has decided not to upload photos for me, but I swear the cover is gorgeous!)

Here's the blurb for Base Over Apex...

It’s Valentine’s at the Spread Eagle leather club, but the only sub Jack’s even spoken to belongs to his best friend, Marcus—and all Bret did was con him into taking a stupid bet. It is not going to be a good Valentine’s night… 

 The moment Jack sees Ricky walking naked through the bar, he wants him. When Ricky kneels at his feet and offers him the keys to his restraints, it’s obvious that his interest is returned. It might just be the best Valentine’s Jack’s ever had… 

 Ricky is sweet, and eager to please, and obviously new to leather. He’s the kind of guy who actually makes Jack wonder if “something at first-sight” might really be possible. But, when it suddenly becomes apparent that everything is not what it seems, the only thing Jack knows for sure if that this Valentine’s night is going to get very, very complicated. 

 In other news, I should have news about Worth a Shot (FIT Guys 2) for you next week - and that news will hopefully include the words "available now" :)

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