Friday, 30 January 2009

Five things... I was going to do in January

Just an end of the month round up today. At the start of January, I told you five things I wanted to get done. Here's how that went for me...

1. Write and edit a lust bite length story for Total-e-bound. I'd like to get that written by the end of this week and submitted around the middle of the month all going well. 10-15k. This one went well. Gaydar was submitted and accepted earlier this month. Release date 30th March.

2. Edit an anthology submission I've already written and get that sent off by the end of the month. It stands at 15k at the moment, I can go up to 20 if I need to. Checked the cut off date and moved the anthology sub back to next month. Decided to do Sealing the deal instead. That's undergoing a final edit and will go off early next month.

3. Write two more lust bite length stories and set them aside to be edited at a later date. The first drafts should be 10k each. Wrote one. Realised I don't need to write the other one until this one has gone off to the publishers. Used the time to extend Sealing the deal by 8k instead.

4. Write two anthology subs to be edited later in the year. One first draft needs to be 10k, the other needs to be 15k. I'm not entirely sure if I'll be doing these anthologies or not, the ideas I had seem to be growing into novels. I decided to write Fair Play instead. I should finish the first draft tomorrow.

5. Spend at least a little bit of time doing things that aren't writing. More about that next week. My energy levels crashed, so I spent a lot more time doing nothing but feeling a little bit sorry for myself than I planned. Does that count?

Not fantastic over all. Next month I'm working on setting better goals :)

Have a good weekend everyone!


Merc said...

Still, it looks like you got a fair amount of things done! :)

I admire your focused, planned approach. ;) When I set goals, I never get anywhere close to completing them... hehe.

*offers cookies and extra productivity for Feb*

Bronwyn Green said...

You still got an amazing amount of things done...because you're made of awesome. :)

Kim Dare said...

Thanks guys :)