Wednesday, 14 January 2009


The lust bite I told you I sent off on the weekend has just been accepted - my first acceptance of 2009, and a great way to start the new year :)

Gaydar is a M/m, BDSM, Lust bite length story. I don't know if the publication date that was mentioned is finalised yet, so I won't mention it. But if it does go into that slot, it's not too far away :D

I had a hell of a lot of fun writing this one. Matt turned into something of a star.

Here's the blurb:

Find a gay man in a gay bar. Matt’s sure that should be a lot easier than it actually is.

Matt’s having a run of bad luck – one that’s lasted ever since he stepped out of the closet. An uncanny ability to home in on the only straight guy in a bar room full of gay men really isn’t doing his sex life any favours. A knack for picking complete jerks whenever he does stumble upon a genuinely gay man isn’t helping either.

But, this time everything is going to be different. This time Matt’s absolutely sure his gaydar has guided him towards a completely sane, entirely gay man – which is why he’s arranged to meet him in the gents’ room in five minutes.

What could possibly go wrong?


Chelle said...


Tina K. said...


This story sounds interesting. I can't wait for it to be published!

Is this a part of that Lust Bite length series (I think) you mentioned in another post?

Kim Dare said...

Thanks guys :)

Yes, I have three lust bite length stories that, inside my head at least, make up a trilogy.

They won't be released as a series, but I'll probably list them on my website as unofficially linked.

Since they all start with the word Gay, they'll all end up listed together on the TEB website anyway, since they do it all alphabetically :)

Merc said...

Congrats! :D Great way to start off 2009. B-)

The story sounds like a lot of fun, too! :)


Tina K. said...

That's so cool! (I do love stories that are related to each other. Lol.)

Will the other two stories be m/m as well?

Kim Dare said...

Merc - Thanks, it was fun :)

Tina - Yep, the other two lust bites I have planned (although it might be three now, another idea just made itself know, lol) are M/m.

They are linked more by theme than anything else - the conflicts all come from how the men in the books deal with being gay.

Tina K. said...

I realized what a stupid question that was the day after I sent that comment. Lol. I mean, of course they're m/m when the titles start with "gay". Duh. Sometimes I'm just so dumb! Lol.

Oh, three now, I like the sound of that!;)