Monday, 26 January 2009

Memo: Evolution, Hotspots and Grips

Hi everyone,

Straight in to news for the week.

Monday - Nothing happening for new releases on the TEB website - accept that The Gift fell off the bottom of the list of new releases :,-( lol. Next week Turquoise and Leather should be up there. Yay!

Tuesday - I'll be on the Writer's Evolution blog talking about useful books for writers. Andrea started us off today.

More Tuesday - I'll also be on TEB's Hitting the Hotspot blog talking about Secret Service, which will be out on Feb 9th with TEB, and sharing an excerpt of the story.

Wednesday - The word of the week is Kink. I'll be talking about what the word means in general, how I define it in my books. Part of the post will also be about the idea of the One True Way and why I think it's a load of rubbish.

Thursday - Will be the last Thursday that I'm not doing a post. Week Thursday I'll be taking over Thursdays on the Oh Get a Grip! blog. This week the current writers are saying their good byes - well worth looking in on if you get the chance.

Friday - I'll be back on this blog doing a round up of my month and looking back to the start of the month to see if I managed to do half of what I said I was aiming to do.

Saturday - Since it's the last day of the month, this is when I'm tentatively hoping to send Sealing the Deal off. Not sure if it's going to happen or not at this point. I've not been so good health wise, so it might be my first sub of February rather than my last one of January - especially since it's now a novella rather than the short I was aiming for.

Sunday - Is very much a topic for another month, lol. I can't believe it's so close to February already!

And that's it for the week :)


Other news:

Writing Project: I'm on the last chapter of Fair Play. It's progressing quite nicely. It's 14,000 at the moment and I'm aiming to keep this draft under 20,000 words.

Editing Project: I need to extend the story by about 2,000 words to make sure it falls well within the novella length. If my energy holds out, I'll do some of that tonight. Some editing has been done already - a few more goes through and I should be ready to print before too long.

Admin Project: I'm still toying with the idea of setting up a Yahoo group/Newsletter. Not sure if it would be worth it, or if anyone would join in/want to read it. A bit more thinking needed on this topic before I make any decisions...

Have a good Monday everyone :)


Merc said...

Looking forward to your posts all over. :P

Bronwyn Green said...

Don't forget to schedule some rest in there! (I know - nag, nag, nag) :)

Incidentally, the word verification is aling...which looks a lot like ailing. An omen, perhaps? ;)

Kim Dare said...

Lol, I know I forgot to put something on my to do list. Once Sealing the Deal is sent off I may well take a day or two :)