Friday 26 September 2008

Five things that... help make a great title.

I think I've finally settled on Time To Do, as the title for the story I'm about to submit (printed it out for a final check through, still need to write the synopsis and blurb. I've also just decided to extend it a bit, so it will actually be the first novel I submit - very excited about that).

Here's five things I've noticed about good titles while I've been thinking on the subject. All the examples are taken from Total-e-bound's currently available or coming soon list.

1. Alliteration.

That's the repititon of the same sounds, if you're recollectiong of school room english lessons is as hazy as mine. Bound Brits, Naughty Nibbles, Campus Cravings, Solstice Seduction. Alliteration is a classic title tool for a reason. The titles are easier to remember and they are the ones which tend to roll around in your head. The ones that you remember even if you don't try to.

2. Key words.

There are probably as many key words as there are readers out there. If there is a certain something that rocks your boat, you're probably going to pay a lot of attention if that word if in the title. If you're looking for a sweet romance, love, romanace and such are probably going to be high on your list.

If you like a different sort of romance, you might find titles involving leather, or submission hit the right spot. You're not going to miss out on a title like Whipped or Beg Me. If you like your vampires you're unlikely to skip over Duet in Blood.

3. Character names.

If you hit on the right name for your character, this could be the perfect place to showcase it. If it's Seducing Damien, Joey's First Time, Tempting Tamera or Convincing Cate I don't think anything makes you contect with a characters faster than having their name right there in the title, inviting you to come in and share their life for a while.

4. Double meanings.

Rough Ride, Sweet Topping, Along for the ride, double meanings are always a good thing. Anything that makes me smile is going to make me pick up the book and pay attention, and for some reasons nothing does that better than a good double meaning.

5. A bit of mystery

One of the best ways I think there is of getting people to click on a title and read the blurb, it to have a bit of mystery in the title. Blue Dragon Challenge, Raw Silk, and From the Ruins all make me want to find out more.


Unfortunatly I've also come to the conclusion I need to get a lot better at naming my stories, because I don't do any of the above in most of my titles.

Anyone else got a great title or tip for naming books, feel free to share :)

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