Monday 1 September 2008

Silent Night - Perfect Timing Book 2

I signed the contract for this story yesterday :)

It's a m/f BDSM novella, due out on April 20th 2009. It is part of the Perfect Timing series, but it also stands alone, so you don't need to have read the other books in the series.

There will be an excerpt closer to the date, but in the meantime, here's that blurb I was talking about.

No one in the club has ever heard Hannah say a word, but they’ve all heard the rumours. She won’t accept any man who approaches her – she insists on picking the lucky dominant herself. And when she makes her selection he can have her submission for one silent night, but that’s it. She won’t speak or agree to a second date.

Vincent is an experienced dominant. He knows how the game should be played. When he finds Hannah kneeling at his feet, he assumes she’s just like every other submissive. But Hannah’s different and Vincent soon realises one silent night isn’t enough. He wants more time and he wants Hannah’s voice.

Hannah really doesn’t care what Vincent wants. She has her own reasons for keeping her relationships short and silent. It’ll take a lot more than a display of dominance to convince her to trust him with the truth.

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