Monday 1 September 2008

Monday Memo: September

Note to self: Sane people make this sort of list once a year on Januray the first, not once a month.

Well, sanity is over-rated.

It's a new month and that means I need a whole new to do list. I actually came very close to finishing last months list, so I'm feeling quite optimistic about September.

Here it is:

Write at least 1,000 words a day and 50,000 over the month. Made up of the following:

Editing aims:
* Do whatever edits my editor sends to me.
* Re-write, edit, polish, write a synopsis and submit Whispers to TEB.
* Re-write, edit, polish, write a synopsis and submit For the Duration - Book 3 in Perfect Timing series to TEB.

Writing aims:
* Re-write Time Out – Book 11 in Perfect Timing series.
* Re-write By the hour – Book 12 in Perfect Timing series.
* If I have time or need the words (because I can't work out how many words the re-writes and edits will actually come to) start working on Book 1 in my next series of novellas - Hot + Wet

Other aims:
* Name all the characters in the Hot + Wet novellas.

And that's it. It should be easy right? Either way, I'll let you know as the month goes on.

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