Tuesday 10 March 2009

In the Heat of the Moment

This story was accepted a while ago, but a few final decisions weren't made until recently.

In the Heat of the Moment is a male/male Lustbite length story. It's going to be released on July 13th as part of Total-e-bound's Summer Seductions collection.

Like all my stories, it has a BDSM flavour - but this one has a bit more S&M in it than most of the others :)

Very excited to know where this story is going to make it's home!

Here's the blurb:

Shawn’s not a submissive and he doesn’t need to be rescued from doing exactly what he wants. Now all he has to do is find a way to make Brett believe it.

Twenty-one, naturally submissive and absolutely stunning, Shawn is obviously out of his depth at a hotel catering to serious dominants. As Shawn’s boss, Brett knows it’s his duty to step in and rescue the younger man - especially since he’s been keeping his eye on Shawn for months, waiting for just the right moment to make the younger man aware of his latent submissive desires. He’s not about to let Shawn fall into the hands of another dominant.

Shawn might have a huge crush on his boss, that but doesn’t mean the guy has a right to “rescue” him from doing exactly what he wants, or to warn every interested dominant away from him. Shawn might enjoy rough sex with dominant men, but he’s no submissive, and he can look after himself. He’s not about to forget that just because Brett makes him wonder if submitting to him could be different to submitting to any other man he’s ever met.


In other news:

The story I sent in towards the end of last month was accepted. (Yay!) Not sure on some details yet, but it's gone to contract with TEB. Will let you know more when I know more.

I've also just sent in another Lust Bite. That's with my editor at the moment. Will let you know what happens to it.

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