Friday 13 March 2009


I've been a bit quite for a while. Mostly because I've been thinking. I know - very dangerous, I won't let it become a habit.

I while ago I mentioned that I was going to start work on a series of interconnected stories. That's still the plan. I've got two seasonal/anthology first drafts I want to write this month, and then it's on to the series.

So I've been plotting that series out.

Here's where it get complicated.

I have 11 completely different series in my head - some more developed than others, but all there in some form or other, waiting to be written. Added to that, there are also half a dozen more collections around various themes, not to mention heaven only knows how many stand alone titles. (And I wonder why I get migranes!)

I've picked which series one I want to write. I'm now in the process of untangling those six stories from all the other stories inside my head.

Somehow that means getting a hell of a lot of bits of pieces of different stories out of my head and only the computer, just so I have some sort of clue what goes with what and what I need for which story.

It's... interesting. And it's made even more interesting by the fact out of all those stories (over 200 individual titles at last count) I've named a grand total of about half a dozen characters.

My baby naming book might fall apart by the time I get this series plotted out and all the characters in the different stories named!

Do you know the really stupid thing?

I'm enjoying it - all of it.

Lol, is it really a wonder I've written more than a few masochists in my time?

Hope everyone else is having a great time.

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