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Imperial Topaz - Available Now!

Hi everyone,

My new novella, Imperial Topaz, is out today with Total-e-bound. It’s the second book in the collection, but it also stands alone.

Here’s the blurb:

Garrett knows there’s only one man who can guide a natural submissive like Lucy into a world of kinky clubs and kinky sex, and that man is not Shane.

Lucy doesn't have first date sex. That's why Shane is the perfect companion for her first venture onto the BDSM scene. He's a truly objectionable man, who she would never have sex with. Shane's a safe bet. But, if she went to a kinky club with someone like Garrett, all bets would be off. He's the dominant man of all her fantasies. Lucy knows she’d have to be stupid to go to somewhere like the Labyrinth with him. With Garrett anything could happen.

Garrett's watched Lucy for weeks, waiting for the perfect opportunity to show the natural submissive just how much fun submission can be. He knows Shane - and he knows how he treats women. When he overhears her accept a date from Shane, Garrett has no choice but to step in.

There is only one man Lucy’s going to the Labyrinth with and it's not Shane.

And here’s a quick excerpt:

By closing time, Lucy was very ready to go home. As she nudged lingering customers out, Garrett remained at his table engrossed in his laptop. Standing by the shop door, she looked across at him and wondered if she should ask him to leave right then, or if she should just enjoy looking at him for a little while first

Garrett glanced up. Lucy quickly turned her face away and pretended she hadn’t been staring at him.

“I’m half-way through a download and I don’t want to lose the connection. Do you mind if I stay here while you close up?”

Lucy turned her back on him to hide another sudden urge to blush. She flipped over the closed sign. “No problem.”

The shop was unnaturally quiet after the noise and bustle in there all day. Lucy closed her eyes and tried to focus on reality, but it was impossible to do that when one of her favourite fantasies started with exactly the same scenario. She closed her eyes, half way through wiping down the counter top.

An early closing. A silent room. The assumption no-one else was there. A noise behind her. A shocked gasp. Strong hands spinning her around. The hard edge of the counter against her spine. Her back arching painfully as he pinned her down. Her heart racing. Her breaths coming in pants.

“Submit.” Always just that one word. Always followed by one answering nod from her.

Garrett’s tie wrapped securely around her wrists. Her sensible waitress’s uniform torn away, ripped at the seams and flung into every corner of the room. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he thrust into her. Adrenaline pounding through her veins. And through it all, the complete security of knowing there were no decisions left to make. She was his and—

Garrett’s chair squeaked on the tiles.

Lucy spun around.

“Just stretching my legs. I’ve been tied to this contraption all day,” he said, waving a hand toward his laptop.

Lucy sighed and cursed herself for an idiot while he strolled around the room.

“Bad day?” he asked.

“Some bad days spread around the room quickly,” she admitted. Shane’s temper hadn’t improved after the phone call.

“You noticed Shane throw his rattle out of his pram?” Garrett asked in mock surprise.

Lucy smiled. “He has to work Saturday night.”

“That’s your fault?” Garrett leaned against the wall nearby watching her wipe down a table. He didn’t crowd her the way a lot of the men who came into the coffee shop did, but she really wished he would.

She wondered if his body was as strong and muscular as it looked hidden behind office clothes. She wondered what his hands would really feel like if he wrapped them around her wrists and refused to let her go. She wondered what he would say if he knew she thought about him every time she masturbated.

Lucy cleared her throat. “Shane was just venting. We had plans for Saturday night so I was a convenient target.” She moved automatically to the next table.

Garrett strolled along beside her. “You’re dating Shane?”

Lucy quickly shook her head. “We were just going to go somewhere as friends.”

“Anywhere special?”

Lucy blushed. Talking about a kinky party with Shane was easy. Talking about it with her walking, talking fantasy was a different matter. She tried to think of something to say, but ended up staring at the table in silence.

“This Saturday?” Garrett appeared to work out a mental calendar. “The Labyrinth is this Saturday.”

“You know about that?” Lucy blurted out.

“Yes, I’ve got tickets.” He took two out of his shirt pocket. “But it’s not somewhere a man takes a woman he only wants to be friends with.”

“Shane said it would just be fun—nothing serious.”

“It’s a lot of fun. But not with a man you can’t trust, Lucy. Not with Shane.”

Thanks for reading.

If you want to know more, Imperial Topaz is available here.

Kim Dare.
Kink, love and a happy ending. Do you Dare?

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