Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Vampires and Slaves and Brats - oh my!

Hi everyone,

I just found out that my vampire short, Blood Slave, is going to be part of Total-e-bound's Voracious Vamps collection. It's going to be released 26th October.

I'll admit that I do have a bit of a soft spot for one of the characters - Keats. I don't think the dominants in books (or in real life!) should get everything their own way, and I don't see why vampires should either. Keats agrees, lol. He was huge fun to write.

Not sure which other stories are in yet, but mine's M/M and BDSM. (Shocking change of direction for me, I know...!)

Here's the blurb :)

From a kinky brat to a vampire’s perfect blood slave. Keats’s education starts tonight!

Keats may have reluctantly agreed to admit that vampires are fantasy and not reality. And he may have promised his friend that he would stop searching for them. But people who merely think they are vampires are still fair game for a fun night out.

Leland has been resisting the temptation to bite his friend for months, but when he sees Keats wander calmly into the middle of a Halloween feeding frenzy, he no longer has a choice. He has to claim Keats as a private blood slave before he ends up becoming the community property of his clan.

Everything rests on his ability to convince his clan he can bring the bratty submissive to heel. It’s going to be very long night…


Kris Norris said...

Ohhhh, sounds great!

Congrats Kim and I'm happy to be sharing a release day with you, not once but twice:D

keep it up girl, you rock.


Kim Dare said...

Thanks Kris. I was just checking the blurb for yours - it sounds fantastic :)