Friday 8 July 2011

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The second round of ARe's Summer's Hottest Hero competition is now up and running!

Two of my heros faced off against each other in the first round - Jack Bowen from Call Me Sir, Boy! won out over Harland Rawlings from Handcuffs and Spreader Bars. Thanks to everyone who voted for either!

In this new round, you'll get to read an excerpt from the books featuring the first kiss between the two main characters.

Jack Bowen is in Pair Two, competing against Alex Holland from Determined Mate by Toni Griffin. So, if you'd like to head over there, read the two excerpts and vote for your favourite, now is the time to do it.

Just click on the pic at the top of the post to go to the voting page. (You'll need to sign in to ARe in order to vote.)

Oh, and if you were wondering what excerpt Harland Rawlings would have provided, you can check it out below :)

Harland let the softening shaft slip from between his lips as he pulled away and rose to his full height before the submissive. Alasdair lifted his gaze with him, allowing Harland to watch the confusion build and chase away the tail ends of his pleasure. A touch of color made it to Alasdair’s cheeks.

“I’m sorry, I—”

“Don’t apologize,” Harland cut in, stroking the blush with his thumb. “I didn’t tell you not to come.”

The submissive’s words were nothing but the aftereffects of his last dominant. As far as Harland was concerned, the sooner they were wiped away the better, and he’d cheerfully be damned if he’d let his lover apologize for doing exactly what he wanted him to do.

“I—” Alasdair began again.

Harland cut him off with a kiss.

Alasdair tried to pull away as their lips met, apparently for no other reason than Harland had just shocked the hell out of him. Harland ignored that. Sliding a hand into the other man’s hair, he simply pulled him back into the kiss.

Running his tongue along the line of the submissive’s firmly closed lips, Harland let him know, very politely, that he wanted access to his mouth. He didn’t ask, though. Asking would have made it sound like he thought there was a possibility Alasdair would deny him something he wanted.

Just as Harland expected, once Alasdair realized what was being demanded, he gave it freely. He quickly parted his lips, willingly allowing Harland’s tongue in to explore.

The submissive gasped as he tasted his come in his lover’s mouth, but he didn’t try to pull back again. He hesitantly returned the kiss, each movement so very cautious, as if he expected to be slapped down for his cheek at any moment.

Harland had only intended it to be a brief kiss, an enjoyable way to shut the guy up, but once he realized how much Alasdair needed it to be so much more than that, it was as impossible for him to pull away as it was for Alasdair to do so. He allowed their lips to linger together for several minutes, his right hand still holding tightly to Alasdair’s hair and the left enthusiastically exploring the submissive’s back, down to his arse.

Finally, when Alasdair’s pulse felt as if it had leveled out and his breaths were almost back to normal, Harland forced himself to pull back and turn his attention to the submissive’s restraints.

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