Friday 22 July 2011

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Jack Bowen from Call Me Sir, Boy! has made it through to the semi finals in ARe's Summer's Hottest Hero contest.

In this round, he's up against Victor Jones from Amber Kell's Wooing Master Jones.

If you'd pop across and vote for one of the guys, that would be great! Just click on the banner below :)

In somewhat related news, Harland Rawlings has been pouting ever since he was knocked out by Jack in round 1. Now, Jack is pouting because last month, when I was taking dictation for their answers to this round's question, I let Harland go first and Jack had to come up with something different.

In an effort to convince the guys in my head to get along, here's the answer Harland Rawlings would have given to "What makes a man strong?"

Some people think strength and dominance are the same thing. They’re wrong. Some of the strongest men I know are submissives. It takes a hell of a lot of mental strength—not to mention a huge dose of courage—to willingly put yourself in another man’s hands and trust him with your mind, your body and maybe even your soul.

Picking yourself up after a bad relationship takes strength too. My subs name is Alastair, his ex-boyfriend was a complete bastard. But, somehow, Alistair still found the strength to let me into his life and try again. I don’t usually do the mushy stuff, but I’ll admit I’m as proud as hell of him. A weaker man would have given up on submission. Alistair didn’t.

As for physical strength—when I’ve got a leather cuff around each of Alastair’s limbs and he’s straining against his bondage, I don’t think anyone could look at him and see anything but strength. He’s all muscle, all determination to be the best sub he can possibly be. Even though he loves being tied up, when he starts squirming with his need to come, it takes some really thick chains to hold him down!


Kim Dare


Anonymous said...

I voted :)

Lucia said...

I voted! I voted based on the answers because I liked both characters, so I choose Jack :)
Nice reading what Harland would have answered, I just love the feeling behind the answer.

Kim Dare said...

Thanks guys!

It did seem a shame to waste Harland's reply :)