Wednesday 13 July 2011

When I was 27 I...

It's come around to that time of year when I tend to stop and take stock (regardless of if I want to or not!).

Even though I feel a bit useless in general at the moment, looking back it has apparently been a far busier and more productive year than I realised, so I thought I'd share.

Here's my list of the things, big and small, I've done in the last 12 months.

*Takes a deep breath*

When I was 27 I...

* Published 20 e-books of various lengths

* Bought a house

* Went gluten free

* Did four of the cross stitch sayings that I’d been meaning to do for ages. (This was the first one I did, and the only one I remembered to take a photo of!)

* Published my 50th e-book in total

* Worked with two new publishers (All Romance E-books direct and Amber Allure if you’re wondering)

* Made writing my only source of income

* Finally gave a doctor a piece of my mind (and threatened to break my leg if he didn’t give me better pain meds—it worked!)

* Published my first full length novel

* Had my first ever dealings with the police (No, it didn’t involve me getting arrested. And no, they weren’t anything like the Rawlings Men! LOL. But they were very nice and made the whole thing as pleasant as possible.)

* Finished four e-book series

* And promptly started another four e-book series

* Stopped pencilling in stories I hadn’t written, and went deadline-less

* Developed a fascination with artificial flowers

* Became the fifth bestselling author at ARe for 2010

* Decorated, furnished and finished 2 rooms in the new house (only 6 more left to do!)

* Got my name on a T-shirt (and a mug, and a teddy bear)

* Discovered that, yes, BDSM written protocols really are something I feel so strongly about I will (politely) walk away from the possibility of a contract with a publisher about it.

* Started eating rice in a form other than rice pudding

* Discovered that my chest pains were nothing to do with a heart attack

* Broke in a new pretty purple lap top

* Reduced my list of “started but unfinished stories” from 52 to 46

* Learned how to crochet flower shapes

* Did my first solo author chat

* Wrote just over 431,000 words

* Bought my first antique

* Finished two crochet blankets and started two more

* And, I Finally finished a quilt I started several years ago - it's double sided, 17 by 17, 6 inch squares and each one is a different fabric. (This one is all machine done, using a technique which I made up on the go - it seemed like a good idea at the time, lol)

And that's it!

Tomorrow, I guess I'll make a start on what I want to get done when I'm 28 :)


Chris said...

Wow! You had a really good year! I'm glad taking stock helped. :)

That quilt is wonderful - I used to have one like that, made by my grandma. It disintegrated after 25 years of hard use, alas... So I bought myself a new quilt last year - very different than patchwork one.

Jason said...

hey! I recognize that cross stitch!! :D

I love that quilt! you are so talented!

Happy birthday, sweety!! I love you!

Lily said...

Wow! You had a great year! :)

Love the quilt and cross stitch. Congrats on the writing successes and may your 28th year be even better!!

Lucia said...

Looks like you accomplished a lot of great things!

Donna said...

Well you lazy girl! I think you should find something to do to fill your time! :)

You are amazing in so many ways! I hope this year is a great one for you.

Happy, happy!
Donna Fisk

Kim Dare said...

Thanks everyone!

Here's to 28 being a great age to be :D