Friday 29 August 2008

Friday's Answered Question 4b

First point - it's Q4b because August started with a Friday so my Friday posting slot is out of sync with the rest of the week and it's annoying me.

Second point - Okay, I’ll admit it. I completely forgot it was Friday today. But I do have my excuse ready.

Good news always throws me off balance and today I had some good news come through.

Silent Night – Book two in the Perfect Timing series – has just been accepted by Total-e-bound. I’ll have a few more details for you and the blurb in due course.

It probably goes without saying that I’m very pleased, very excited, and I now have absolutely no idea what my FAQ was going to be this week. I’m sure I made a list of questions at some point, no idea where I put it.

*Goes off to check what questions I’ve already used*

Okay… I’m back and I have a question for myself.

Q. I've been to your website and your blog - do you turn up anywhere else on the web?

A. I'm in an on line critique group. There's also a bit of old fan fiction lurking around somewhere (for the record, the fan fiction I wrote was actually a set of nice sweet little stories. No sex at all!). I'm also listed as a participant and a winner of Nanowrimo 2004-2007 and Script Frenzy 2006-2007.

Apart from that, you'll now be able to get another dose of blogging from me on the 27th of each month on Total-e-bound's blog.

Yes, you're right, the question is a blatant excuse to tell you that, but it's midnight and my minds gone a bit blank of other questions. Next weeks question will be better - promise.

I'll post up a link to the TEB blog when I get myself organised.

Other news... I'm back to the re-writes of Whispers - my anthology sub - added 1000 words to it today. I need to add another 4000-5000 over the weekend.

That's it for me. I'm off to bed.

Sleep well everyone :)

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