Thursday 14 July 2011

Free Short Story!

It seems wrong that I should be the only one to get presents, just because it's my birthday. So I thought I would share a new free short story. Don't let the title fool you - it's very much MM.

Moving Miss Probert

Story by Kim Dare
Picture chosen by Chris (Stumbling Over Chaos)

“How much does it cost to rent the two of you for the afternoon, without the truck?”

Tony Davies stared down at the limo’s chauffeur for several long seconds. He’d known this would happen! The paint on their truck was barely even dry, and cars were already pulled up alongside it looking for a cheap threesome.

Turning his head, Tony raised an eyebrow at his boyfriend. If Sid saw his I-told-you-so expression, the submissive carefully ignored it as he stepped closer to the car.

“Sorry, pal,” he said, leaning over to peer into the vehicle. “We’re not in that business. We really are moving men.”

Tony folded his arms across his chest and refused to stare at the way Sid’s jeans stretched invitingly across his arse when he bent over. He was pissed off with his lover. He was going to stay pissed off with him for the foreseeable future. A cute backside wasn’t going to be enough to get Sid out of trouble this time.

“We just happen to be very nice looking moving men,” Sid continued.

Tony rolled his eyes heavenward. Never mix business and pleasure. Never work with the man you love…

If only he had taken that very good advice. Or, if only one of them had been able to get a real job since their respective parents had found them in bed together and thrown them unceremoniously out onto the street. Hell, if only Tony had been thinking with his brain when he agreed to let Sid pick the name of their fledgling moving company and get it painted on the side of the truck!

The chauffeur looked them up and down, apparently not the least bit impressed with the view. Tony relaxed a little. He was obviously straight. There was no way in hell anyone who was even vaguely capable of being attracted to another man could look at Sid and not realise the guy was a walking, talking wet dream.

“The lady I work for, Miss Probert, wishes some furniture to be moved within the confines of her house,” the chauffeur snapped, somehow managing to look down his nose at them even from his seated position. “A truck isn’t necessary, the job merely requires muscle.”

“We’ve got muscle,” Sid promised.

Tony barely held back a sigh as he listened to the chauffeur give Sid the address and the directions. Sid had muscles, true enough—his close fitting vest displayed them to perfection. He also had absolutely no survival instinct and an amazing ability to get himself in trouble given even the slightest opportunity.

As the limo pulled away, Tony craned his neck, trying to catch a glimpse of the passenger in the back of the car through the tinted windows. No hint made it through the darken glass. There could have been a sweet little old lady in there. There could just as easily have been a psychopath.

“Didn’t I tell you everything would work out?” Sid asked, as he turned back to face him.

Tony once more raised an eyebrow. “You call this working out?”

“We’ve only had the truck five minutes and we’ve got our first job, haven’t we?” Sid said, stepping forward and sliding his arms around Tony’s waist.

Tony glanced down the road after the car. “Yeah, bloody brilliant,” he muttered. If only he’d been able to see into the back of the limo…

He turned his attention back to Sid just in time to catch sight of his submissive’s doleful expression before Sid dropped his gaze.

Mentally cursing himself, Tony unfolded his arms and welcomed his boyfriend closer. “Of course everything will work out,” he agreed.

Sid didn’t look up. Stroking the long blond strands of hair back from Sid’s face, Tony dipped his head and tried to catch his eye.

“I can go on my own if you—”

Tony covered Sid’s mouth with his hand. “Like hell you will!” He had a hard enough time keeping his lover safe when they were glued to each other’s sides!

Sid glanced up at him through his lashes.

“We’ll both go. And it’ll be fine,” Tony said. “And when we get home we can pay our rent.”

Sid nodded, making no move to escape from behind the silencing hand until Tony chose to move it aside of his own volition.

“I’d like that,” Sid was finally able to whisper.

Tony nodded, he’d like it too. If only because he would finally be able to stop their landlord eyeing up Sid and dropping hints about other ways rent could be paid.

Sid tentatively tilted back his head, obviously looking for a kiss. He might have only been a few months younger than Tony’s own nineteen years, but when he looked up at him like that, Sid seemed so very young.

Tony couldn’t help but wrap his arms a little more securely around the smaller man. Pulling him closer, he slid his fingers into his lover’s hair and held his head at exactly the right angle to receive that kiss.

Sid whimpered his pleasure as Tony took instant and complete possession of his mouth, thrusting his tongue past the other man’s lips and demanding Sid follow his lead.

For a moment, Tony let everything seep out of his mind except the feel of his lover’s lips moulding against his and Sid’s body pressing enthusiastically along his own more muscular frame.

All too soon, Tony had to force himself to pull away. He had responsibilities now. A dominant was responsible for his submissive’s fate. It was his job to keep a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs. Tony took a deep breath. He was going to get them through this.

When he met Sid’s eyes once more, the deep blue gaze was full of worry. That couldn’t be allowed to go on unchecked. “As soon as we finish this job, we’re going straight home. I’m going to tie you to the bed and keep you there all night,” he informed the other man. “You’re going to be completely helpless.”

“Promise?” Sid asked.

Tony somehow managed to keep his expression serious. “If you’re very, very good, you might even get a spanking.”

Sid nodded enthusiastically.

“Maybe I’ll even gag you…” Tony mused. “If only to stop you getting us into even more trouble than you usually do…”

Sid opened his mouth, feigned shock flooding his eyes as he tried to look innocent.

“You’re not that good an actor,” Tony said, taking a step back.

“I’m a great actor,” Sid protested. “You’re just saying that because you don’t like the idea of videos of us having sex going up on the internet. Seriously, we could make a mint without moving a single box of other people’s junk one inch.”

Tony swatted Sid’s backside as he turned him around and gave him a gentle shove in the right direction. “In the truck now!”

Tossing his head back as he laughed, Sid skirted around the front of the truck and easily jumped up into the passenger side. “You’d look great on camera.”

“I swear, if you don’t quit with that idea, I’m going to start carrying a ball gag in my back pocket so I’ll always have one ready for when you—”

Sid frowned slightly. “Wouldn’t sitting down be painful if—?”

“Not as painful as you’re going to find sitting by tonight…”

Sid grinned as Tony slammed the driver’s side door and started the engine.

Tony shook his head. That was the trouble with masochists. It wasn’t easy to threaten a man with a whipping when he inevitably saw it more as a reward than a punishment…


“How old do you reckon this Miss Probert is?” Sidney Jones asked, as he carefully placed a box full of delicate chinaware on the table and pushed his hair back from his face with the back of one very dusty hand.

“No idea,” Tony said, as he joined him in the main entrance hall of the huge old mansion, lugging an even bigger box with him. “Why?”

“I think she must be really old,” Sid said.

Tony set down his box and turned his full attention to Sid for a moment. “Why?”

“Because, it must take someone at least two hundred years to buy all this stuff!”

Tony smiled slightly, just as Sid hoped he might. Even better, his master actually stopped working flat out for a few moments and grabbed his bottle of water from the stash they’d left at their halfway point.

Sid ran his eyes over the piles of boxes that surrounded them. They’d brought it all out of the room where it had been stored, along the upstairs corridor, down the stairs and to this point. Now, all they had to do was move everything up the flight of stairs leading into the other wing of the house and into the various rooms where Miss Probert wanted them re-housed.

Boxes couldn’t hold Sid’s attention for long. Leaning back against the edge of the huge mahogany sideboard they’d hauled down the stairs, Tony looked magnificent. The dark chestnut waves had curled around his head as he worked. His t-shirt clung to his damp skin; his jeans hung low on his hips.

“You doing okay?” Tony suddenly asked.

Sid managed to summon up enough energy to laugh at the question. “Of course I’m okay! I’m not even out of breath.” That didn’t really count as lying to his master, he told himself. His lungs were fine. It’s was just the muscles in the rest of Sid’s body that were quietly sobbing and begging for him to give them a break before they actually broke under the strain.

Tony ran his eyes over him in a quick but no doubt thorough inspection. Sid straightened up a little. There was no way in hell he was going to take a proper break until Tony did. And there was even less chance that he’d leave the job half finished.

“Go on out to the van and catch half an hour, Sid,” Tony ordered. “You’re practically out on your feet. I can get on with moving some of the boxes upstairs until you come back.”

Sid shook his head.

He saw the way Tony’s shoulders tensed at his disobedience, but he pushed forward anyway. “I can think of a much better way for us to get an adrenaline burst.” He stepped forward and stopped directly in front of Tony.

“Oh?” the dominant asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

Sid smiled up at him. He knew that sparkle in Tony’s eye. He was up for it, even if he didn’t want to admit it.

Turning away, Sid made a point of looking in every direction. “We’re all alone,” he observed. “And, by my estimation, it’s been at least a couple of hours since we had sex—that’s practically a lifetime, right…?”

Tony laughed and shook his head at him.

Stepping to the left and leaning over the sideboard right next to him, Sid wiggled his backside in blatant invitation. “This thing is just about the right height…”

“You’re crazy. You know that, don’t you?” Tony asked. But even as those words left his mouth, his hand was already caressing the seat of Sid’s jeans.

“Then I guess you’re lucky that crazy isn’t sexually transmitted, aren’t you? You can screw me without having to worry about it!”

Tony made a growling sound in the back of his throat, as if he were trying desperately to be sensible and resist. He looked around them in every direction as if he suddenly expected someone to leap out. No one appeared. No one had made a single sound since the chauffeur guy had shown them what to do and left them to it.

Sid held his breath. Another silent moment passed as Tony seemed to weigh his options more thoroughly than any man should be able to while his boyfriend was bent over, ready.

A grin spread across Sid’s face as Tony’s hand finally slid around his body and fumbled at his fly. Taking a strong hold on the far edge of the mahogany sideboard, Sid made a pointed effort not to help or hinder. He was just there for his master to do with as he pleased.

The air was cool against his arse as the other man tugged Sid’s jeans down around his knees. No matter how hard he tried to stay still, instinct made him try to shuffle his feet apart in offering, but the denim was as effective as any piece of leather bondage could have been.

Dipping his head toward the table, Sid closed his eyes. Tony would have lube with him. Tony always had lube with him. It was one of those things that a man could always depend upon.

They might have accidently outed themselves as both gay and kinky to their parents. They both might have been thrown out. They might be broke with little more than a van to their name. But in that moment, that was all okay, because no matter what happened, Sid knew his master would always have lube with him.

Right on cue, slicked fingers slid against his hole. He arched his back, eagerly offering his arse to the other man but forced himself not to push back against the offered penetration. Tony was in charge and Sid wasn’t going to mess with that.

“That’s right,” Tony whispered to him as his fingers finally slid inside Sid and began to prepare him in earnest.

It only took a few moments for him to relax around the digits and be as ready as he could ever be. The fingers quickly disappeared to be replaced by the tip of Tony’s cock pressed gently against his hole.

Sid held his breath, struggling not to push back and impale himself on the hard shaft as Tony teased him, rubbing the tip of his erection against his arse but refusing to give them both exactly what they wanted.

“Please,” Sid whispered. He needed the other man inside him. He said the word so softly, it was hard to believe that Tony could have heard him, but someone must have listened to his plea because, just a moment later, Tony thrust forward and buried himself in Sid’s arse to the hilt with one harsh movement.

Sid’s hands clenched frantically around the opposite edge of the sideboard when Tony barely gave him a second to adjust before he pulled back and thrust deep inside him once more.

The dominant’s hands moved possessively over Sid’s back until one finally settled on his shoulder and the other on his hip. Each took a tight grip on him, demanding he remain in place, as if he would ever want to do anything else!

Pleasure raced through Sid’s body with each thrust his dominant delivered. His prostate sung out each time Tony’s cock kissed it. His own erection rubbed against the cold, hard surface of the antique he was bent over, tempting him to come.

No! He wasn’t allowed to climax before his master. There was a consistency to that fact that Sid loved. He loved knowing exactly where he was—even if it was a very frustrating place to be.

“Don’t come.”

The order arrived just in time. Sid scrabbled and somehow managed to stop his pleasure peaking as Tony’s hips connected firmly against his buttocks. The other man delivered a final series of hard thrusts and Sid felt his master come inside him.

Sid whimpered in confusion as his master fell still, his breaths coming in gasps. Moments passed and Tony pulled away, leaning over to place a gentle kiss on Sid’s shoulder as he went.

Sid didn’t move. He couldn’t. If he moved he’d come, and he didn’t have permission to do that.

Suddenly, any choice on that particular matter was snatched from Sid’s hands. Tony caught hold of his hips and spun him around. Before Sid had time to come, or even to panic about the fact he was about to come, Tony was down on his knees in front of him.

His lips wrapped around Sid’s cock, taking him to the base in one easy movement. Wet heat surrounded Sid’s shaft and he hoped like hell that counted as permission to come because there was no way in hell he could continue to obey his master’s order right then.

Tossing his head back, Sid grabbed his master’s shoulders as he came, hard and fast, spilling helplessly into the other man’s mouth.

As his eyes fell closed, all Sid could do was watch the pretty fireworks exploding behind his eyelids while pure ecstasy rushed through him. There was no pain, no exhaustion, just perfection. It would have been enough to bring him to his knees if his master hadn’t kept such a strong grip on his hips.

Sid had no idea how much time passed before he was able to open his eyes but, when he did, Tony was smiling up at him as if he was the most perfect thing in the world.

“Best if you don’t come over other people’s furniture, love,” Tony mentioned, almost casually.

Sid nodded, willing to agree with pretty much anything right then.

Tony chuckled as he pulled himself to his feet and straightened all their clothes.

“We still have work to do, sweetheart,” Tony reminded him, with obvious regret, as he pulled himself to his feet.

Sid smiled slightly. He didn’t mind working hard. It was worth having to scrape and fight to get by without their families support, and not just for the hot sex.


Two hours later, Sid grinned with pure relief as Tony placed the last box on the top of the pile in the last room to be filled. Done!

Leaving the west wing of the house, they retraced their steps to the main hall. They’d barely been in there a second before someone cleared their throat. Sid looked over his shoulder just in time to see the chauffeur make his way down from the upstairs landing.

The moment he reached them, the guy handed Tony an envelope. “Your payment.”

“Thanks,” Tony said, slipping it into his pocket as if it were no big deal, as if it wasn’t the whole damn world to them.

“Miss Probert also instructed me to inform you that you had earned an extra gratuity by, in her words, providing an old lady with a rather interesting view during a very well deserved mid-afternoon break.”

Sid didn’t look in Tony’s direction. He didn’t trust himself.

The butler-chauffeur-whatever he was, kept going, his expression still completely sober. “She also asked me to tell you that she will be recommending your skills, and she stressed that she was speaking about your moving skills at this point, to all her friends. Unless I’m very much mistaken, the success of your business has just been assured.” Handing another envelope to Tony, the guy turned on his heel and walked away without giving either of them a chance to say a word in reply.

“On a scale of one to ten, how pissed off with me are you right now?” Sid murmured, as the other man disappeared from view

When Tony didn’t respond, Sid had no choice but to risk a brief glance in his master’s direction.

Tony was doubled up, his hand covering his face.

“Are you…laughing?” Sid asked, cautiously.

Tony looked up, his eyes sparkling with mirth. “I’ve spent the last three months busting my arse, trying to take care of you and make sure I keep our heads above water so you don’t end up selling sex tapes of us over the internet…” the words faded into more laughter.

Sid nibbled gently on his lower lip. He wasn’t sure what the exact symptoms of hysteria were, or what he was supposed to do if his master was exhibiting them.

Tony slowly straightened up and made an obvious effort to bring himself back under his own control. “And we end up doing an X-rated floor show for some unsuspecting little old lady,” he finished. “Priceless…”

He looped his hand around Sid’s shoulders and quickly led him out of the house.

“Do you think she meant it about recommending us to all her friends?” Sid asked, cautiously.

Tony shrugged. “Who knows?” He looked down at the envelope in his hands. It obviously contained a lot more money than the first envelope—probably even enough cash to set them properly on their feet.

Just then, a horrible thought occurred to Sid. His oh-so-moral boyfriend hadn’t pocketed that money along with the first lot. “You’re not going to insist we give the money back, are you?”

Tony shook his head. “No. But I am going to insist we use a bit of this money to change the name you put on the side of the damn truck!”

*The End*


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