Friday, 8 August 2008

Friday's Answered Question 2

Q. How long have you been writing and why?

A. Forever. Cheesy as it sounds, I can't ever remember I time I wasn't writing stories in my head. It took me a while to start getting them down on paper.

I started getting serious about my writing - writing every day and actually finishing the projects I started - in 2006.

Nanowrimo is partly to blame. I started doing that in 2004. I did the 50k in 2004 and 2005, but my turning point was switching from fantasy novels in those first two years and writing erotica in 2006.

Not only did I do more than the 50k in Novemeber, I actually kept writing through December and January and I actually finished the story - all 200+k of it. What can I say - it was a long story!

I kept writing through 2007. At the start of 2008 I began editing all the first drafts I aquired over the last year or so. I had the crazy idea that I'd like to get something accepted when I was still 24.

Turquoise and Leather was accepted on 30th June 2008. I turned 25 in the middle of July. Wonderful things for focusing the mind - deadlines :)

As for why? Simply for my sanity's sake. I have to much going on in my head - too many characters telling me their stories. If I didn't get some of it out on paper, it would quickly drive me around the twist.

There we are then. I was going to finish this post off by telling you what next weeks FAQ would be, accept I haven't actually decided what it would be. So um... tune in next Friday to find out what I'll be talking about next Friday :)

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