Friday 22 August 2008

Friday's Answered Question 4

Q. What don't you write?

A. It sounds like a daft question when you first read it. But as I said at the end of last Friday's post, some people have some funny ideas about what kink means.

There are two acronyms that I'd like to start the conversation with. SSC and RACK. SSC stands for Safe, Sane and Consensual. RACK stands for Risk Aware Consensual Kink. Whichever you prefer, the important word is in both.


I remember reading a quote on the internet a long time ago (no idea where - if you know, let me know) but it went something like. "The difference between vanilla (that's non-kinky) sex and rape is consent. The difference between kinky sex and rape is consent."

So that's the first thing I don't write - rape as erotic content. Now, just to be clear, I have written a few stories where rape occurs before or during the course of the story. Bad things happen to good people. To my mind, rape survivors need someone to write them a happy ending just as much as anyone else, so I don't shy away from that.

*Sigh* okay, I've been trying to find a more grown up way of saying this since the start of the post, but it's not working. So here's the basic version - the rapist / abusers / etc are the baddies. The goodies don't do things like that.

On the other hand the goodies are usually more than a little kinky. So, they might tie someone up, turn their lover over their knee or push their lover to their limits. But you can be sure all parties involved will enjoy every minute of it.

Erotic pain might be involved if one of the parties is masochistic - but that's pain they enjoy. Exhibitionism could well come into play in some of the stories - some characters get off on it. Submission is almost always there in some form or other. And none of those things would be any fun unless there were sadists, voyeurs and dominants on hand to join in.

What else don't I write? Well, I don't write unhappy endings. Hate reading them. Hate writing them. If I want to be depressed I'll watch the news.

That doesn't mean there aren't sometimes sad bits in the middle - it's not all roses and rainbows - but you can always read on safely sure it will all work out right in the end.

Apart from that, I'm quite happy to give the characters free reign and see where they take me, so you'll see a wide variety of content in different books.

So, I hope that all makes sense.

If not, feel free to leave a comment and I'll have another go :)

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