Friday 19 December 2008

Five things that... Wordle

I've always loved words, I've always thought words were beautiful. I've just found a way to make them look even more fantastic than usual.

It's a sight called Wordle. You copy and paste text into a box and the programe makes a pretty picture out of the words in the text.

Here are five I made using various excerpts from The Gift. Clicking on the picture takes you to a larger version (I could only get little pics on here, the bigger ones are soooo much better - please do check them out if you have time).

The text above them links to where you can read the text I used to make it.

1. Blurb Wordle.

2. Exerpt of Charles and Nicky's first meeting.

3. Excerpt of decorating the Christmas tree.

4. Excerpt of packing a special present.

5. Excerpt of the start of the book.

Caution: making wordles is fun, but it's also very addictive!

Have fun if you try it :)

Other news:

In the Heat of the Moment has been printed out and should be ready to submit tomorrow.

The edits of Between Tooth and Paw came back to me, all done bar an extra little scene that needs to be added in the middle. That should go tomorrow as well.

Parry's War is my new first draft and it's at an early stage, but it's going okay so far.

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