Monday 22 December 2008

Memo: Lots Happening.

Everything's been happening for me over the last few days. So I'm going to split this into a few different blog posts.

Yesterday I found a review that was actually written just after The Gift came out. It's by Elisa Rolle. She seems to like it. You can read the whole thing here.

If you click on the tag that says Total-e-bound, you can read her reviews of the other two m/m Christmas Spirit's Stories.

Today, I was reviewed on Rainbow Reviews by Carole.


Here's a snippet:

It's a beautiful love story. It's funny and hot and ~ you DO want to read it. I can't wait for more stories from Kim Dare!

There's lots more, but I can't remember how much I'm allowed to copy and paste onto here, so you can read the whole thing here. Needless to say I'm very chuffed with everything Carole had to say.

I also attempted to do a TEB chat the Love Romances Cafe yahoo group. Technical problems - i.e. the late realisation that you go on moderation until they're sure you aren't sending them spam, and so your first couple of posts have to be checked before they are visible made it rather difficult to talk. In fact, it meant that none of my posts actually got through until after the chat had finished. However, Jamie Hill very kindly posted some exerpts for me, so I did manage to promote a bit.

Okay. Change which book I'm talking about, and on to the next post...

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