Wednesday 31 December 2008

Wondering about... new years resolutions

I said I would think about what my resolutions should be and I've been doing what I said.

There are lots of goals I could set.

Someone whose advice I respect suggested it's always a good idea to write for more than one publisher. So I should probably resolve to submit something to someone other than Total-e-bound - either another e-publisher, or there are a few British print publishers I have been looking into that seem quite promising.

I'd also like to finish my Perfect Timing Series. There's another nine submissions to make in that one. And I'd like to sub at least two more Collared stories. And I'd like to send off three more anthology submissions. And I'd like to send off at least two lust bite length stories. And I'd like to make a good start on a new series I'm planning. And... Since that amounts to about three years worth of work already, I'll stop there!

And apart from writing I'd like to do a whole host of other things.

But at the end of all the thinking and making a whole list of things it feels essential that I do in 2009, do you know what my new years resolution is?

I'm going to try not to plan too far in advance. I'm going to concentrate more on enjoying the journey.

It's not actually important to know which project I'll be working on in Decemeber 2009. So, in 2009, I'm going to take everything in smaller chucks and smaller steps.

On Friday I'm planning to post up Five things I'd like to do in 2009 and that's going to be it for me as far as New Years resolutions goes.

Someone sent me a truely lovely e-mail this evening, wishing me a happy new year and she said some beautiful things. If I needed another reminder that to do lists aren't the be all and end all, that was it.

So that's it for me for 2009.

Hope 2009 proves to be a happy, healthy, peaceful and lovely new year for you and yours.

Other news:

I made a biscornu. It's had to discribe one without showing you one, but it's a little tiny needlework project and I had far more fun stitching it than any person rightly should.

No writing yet. I'm going to do the last five hundred words on my Round Robin Chapter and make up my daily 1000 with some work on the synopsis for my lastest M/m project, which I finished the first draft of yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Kim Dare :-)

Eco Minimalist said...

Happy New Year, Kim! :)

Bronwyn Green said...

No to be all Zen, but balance in all things is an admirable goal. :)

Happy New Year!!!

Kim Dare said...

A very belated wish that eveyone is having a very good year so far.

Zen... that's still a work in progress. I might get there some day, lol.