Saturday 6 December 2008

Secret Service: Cover Art

The cover art came through yesterday. I am sooooo pleased with it!
The fantastic cover artist is Natalie Winters.
As you can see from the bottom of the cover, Secret Service is part of TEB's My Secret Valentine Collection. It's going to be released February 9th and it's a m/m BDSM.
I've posted the blurb before, but here it is again if you missed it:
What’s more important, their love for each other or their differing attitudes to kinky sex?

Alistair has made it very clear he isn’t into anything even vaguely kinky.

Sheridan knew he was in love with him the day he found that out, and then decided to stay with him anyway. Unable to ease his desire to serve at home, Sheridan volunteers at a club where he can secretly serve the patrons, and feed his submission, without upsetting Alistair by revealing that side of his personality to him.

When chance drags Alistair into that same club on Valentines weekend, Sheridan’s leather mask can’t keep his secret safe any longer. With his desire to serve out in the open, it’s not long before other secrets start to come out and they both have to make a choice.

Does Sheridan give up on ever being allowed to submit to the man he loves, or does Alistair take the risk of becoming the master his love has always wanted?


Michelle said...

Love the cover!

*Squeals* AYou've got to be pleased with how it came out!

Kim Dare said...

Yep, soooo pleased. I really love my cover :D