Monday 1 December 2008

Memo: December Already!

Note to self: Work out where the hell the first eleven months of the year went.

I have no idea how it can be December already. But it is, and I suppose I have to deal with the fact.

So, re-cap on November.

Sent off the two stories I wanted to send off. Secret Service was accepted. I only sent Between Tooth and Paw off a few days ago so I haven't heard about that yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for it.

I finished writing the main project I wanted to write during the month - my Nanowrimo project - 56,000 on A Model Submissive. So, that's good. My other writing project was going to be a short story for an anthology, but, for a varity of reasons, I'm probably not going to sub it for that call - what I've written of it so far will probably be the starting point for one of a new series I'm working on.

And that brings me on to my plans for this month.


I'm hoping to finish two short-ish writing projects that I'm starting from scratch. Each is the first story in two new series I'm working on.

I've also got two extending/re-write projects I'd like to work on - one is the next book in my ongoing series Perfect Timing. The other is the first story in yet another series I'm starting work on.

I'd like to get at least one of these projects - probably the story for the Perfect Timing series - edited and ready to submit to my editor.

As for what I'll actually get done this month - that's anyone's guess!

And, it's offically one week until The Gift is released! Very excited! Lots of exclaimation marks to come over the next seven days!


Happy December everyone


Michelle said...

One week!!!! I bet you can't wait! :-)

Kim Dare said...

Lol, I'm a bit of a pain to live with at the moment. So excited. So nervous. So desperatly trying to get my admin and promo skills up to scratch!

Bronwyn Green said...

If you find the first 11 months can you let me know where...mine have gone missing, too.