Friday 17 October 2008

Five things that... have changed in the last day or so

Okay, since I have a migrane and staring at the computer screen is not a lot of fun at the moment, I'm being lazy about today's five things.

For administration reasons, some of my publication dates have had to be changed. Conveniently for todays list, five of them have changed.

1. Turquoise & Leather – has moved from the 16th of February to the 16th of March

2. You First – has moved from 16th of March to the 26th of April.

3. Silent Night – has moved from 21st of April to the 1st of June.

4. Time To Do – has moved from 25th of May to the 20th of July.

5. Imperial Topaz – has moved from 22nd of June to the 28th of September.

The changes will be reflected on my website as soon as I'm actually able to focus on the screen properly :)

Other news...

A few opportunities have come up and they have quite short deadlines, so I've set aside what I was going to work on for the rest of this month to concentrate on them. I'll tell you more about them on Monday.

Take care everyone and have a nice weekend,

Nos Da.

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