Sunday 12 October 2008


Hi everyone,

Hope you are all having a good weekend.

The closing date for the Night of the Senses BDSM anthology has passed and I'm in it. Whispers will fill the extra sensory slot in the anthology, due out with Total-e-bound on February 23rd 2009, possibly in print as well as e-book format. I'll post a blurb up for it in a seperate post.

I also wanted to mention that you can read Liana's response to my blog post about feminism and submission here. It looks at dominant and submissive personality traits from a different perspective, from the pov of a sci-fi rather than an erotic romance writer.

And I've been fiddling around with my website which you can find here. The blurbs etc are all updated and the whole style of it has changed - really for no other reason than because I have a short attention span and we getting bored with the purple swirly ball I had in the top corner. I also think this one is a bit easier to read from, without the dark background. If you see any major flaws, please do point them out.

That's it.

For once I've managed a reasonably short post :)


Liana Brooks said...

*waves hi to Kim*

Thank for the link!

Kim Dare said...

*Waves back*


You're welcome :)